The effects of alcohol on the development of the embryo - the consequences

Today, a detrimental effect of alcohol on embryonic development of the fetus, no one doubts, because at the end of the 60s of the last century doctors began to notice that children of parents who abused alcohol more often born with malformations and specific complexdeformities.

If a woman during pregnancy, drinking alcohol, it is likely, she did not think about the risks that have undergone their unborn baby.Meanwhile, the use of even small doses can lead to miscarriage, low birth weight of the fetus, and at worst - to the development of fetal alcohol syndrome, or FAS of.

Effects of alcohol on fetal development

alcohol and its breakdown products, such as acetaldehyde, the bloodstream expectant mother get into the placenta from coming directly into the body of the embryo.Normal blood flow to the placenta is disturbed, and the chances of miscarriage or bleeding in the placenta increase manifold.

circulatory disorders inevitably leads to hypoxia, the fetus at all stages of development does not receive

the nutrients and this leads at least to a delay in mental and physical development of the embryo.And that's not all.The effects of alcohol on the development of the embryo is very insidious, because the consequences of such actions may occur many years after the birth of a baby.

Scientific studies in recent years have shown that the negative effect that a woman during pregnancy, drinking alcohol, often manifests itself in puberty in adolescents.During puberty, there is a huge burden on all the hormonal system of the child, his or her body "reconfigured" to a new stage of life.It turns out that the adolescent psyche can not stand, and a quiet and obedient child suddenly becomes uncontrollable, arrogant and lazy tomboy.Parents are confused and can not understand the reasons for this sudden transformation, and they are on the surface.All genetic damage that resulted from the effects of alcohol on the development of the embryo, start with the onset of hormonal changes a child's body.

effect of alcohol on embryonic development of the fetus

recent data the US Institute of Medicine suggests that because of the use of alcohol by women during pregnancy, birth born each year about 12 000 children with FAS syndrome.Our medical schools are not referred to any figures in this regard, but also on their own is not difficult to guess on the current situation in Russia, especially on the level of our country consumption of alcohol, sadly, it has long been in the lead.

A look at the younger generation, his mental and physical development without scientific works says about the true state of affairs.Women suffering from alcoholism, 40% of cases give birth to children with FAS syndrome.

Among the causes of mental retardation in children, alcohol syndrome is developing in the first place.Avoid harmful effects of alcohol on the development of the embryo is very simple - the expectant mother does not need to drink alcohol.Acceptance of alcohol has a negative impact on all stages of embryo development, so there is such a body, which would not hurt and escaped any consequences.Already on stage bookmarks some organs are formed violations, particularly affected the heart, liver, kidneys and central nervous system.After the birth of these children do not gain weight, they start to walk and later behind in speech development.

The effects of alcohol on fetal development is not limited to mental disorders or abnormalities of internal organs.Children of mothers-alcoholics alike and externally.Here are the main signs of children with FAS syndrome:

  • short nose, snub-up;
  • narrow eye slits;
  • increasing distance from the nose to the upper lip.

alcohol syndrome is incurable, it remains for life, so do not take risks, and it is better to completely abandon any doses of alcohol, as in the first and in the last trimester of pregnancy.

Drinking alcohol before pregnancy

happens that the expectant mother very well aware of the negative effects of alcohol on the development of the embryo, but learns that she is pregnant much later than throwing consume "intoxicating" beverages.Yes, it happens, but it is a life in which not every woman can plan conceived a few months before its actual occurrence.

Medicine is unknown the exact influence of alcohol on embryonic development of the fetus at the earliest stages of pregnancy, so it is best to give it up completely before pregnancy.If you are not planning to conceive, but become pregnant, you should stop taking any alcoholic beverage immediately after it became aware of the pregnancy.Do not use them until the end of the lactation period.Only in this case we can say with confidence that you really love your baby and wish him a healthy and happy adult life.

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