Early abortion - timing , indications, consequences

Early abortion on the woman's request can be made for up to six weeks.scraping, vacuum aspiration and medical miscarriage - For the meeting three methods can be used.Abortion 2 weeks is fundamentally different from an abortion at week 4 and later.

techniques of early abortion

most famous classic method of abortion - surgical abortion or curettage.For it takes a few hours of finding the woman in the hospital, and intravenous anesthesia.Specific cervix with forceps and extend a special curette scrape from the uterus the fertilized egg and the top layer of the endometrium.

After curettage may experience bleeding or even perforation of the uterine wall gynecological instrument.In the later stages may develop hormonal disorders.Within six hours after the intervention of a woman needed peace to finally come out of anesthesia and minimize the risk of bleeding opening.Early abortion is rarely cause such a complication.

often after surgical abortion, the woman is assigned a prophylactic course of antibiotic

therapy, and hormonal contraceptives to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy and normalize hormone levels.Until the final termination of discharge - for about ten days - you need to stop sex, bathing in ponds and tub to eliminate the possibility of infection.

before performing curettage woman passes laboratory examination:

  • determine the blood group and Rh factor;
  • gynecological smear;
  • Blood on RW;
  • Analysis Kroviniu HIV;
  • Blood on the HBS.

addition require ultrasound to determine the localization of fetal eggs and specify gestational age.

According to the results of this survey can be found contraindications to abortion, for example, low levels of hemoglobin in the background of a strong toxicity, acute infection, etc

abortion at week 4

Another wayof early abortion - vacuum aspiration or a mini-abortion.It is carried out at 7-10 days of delay, that is, the 4-5 week of pregnancy.Technique of vacuum aspiration -otsasyvanie ovum special probe to the uterus wall.When the mini-abortion uterine cavity is not injured, but the very intervention can be carried out with a light anesthesia.Its total duration does not exceed seven minutes.

In some situations, a mini-abortion is not sufficient and completely remove fetal tissue from the uterus of women is not possible.In these cases, an additional wire scraping.Even after successful aspiration vacuum, as well as full and after abortion, Antibiotics and adequate contraception.

Abortion 2 weeks Medical

early abortion can be performed even on an outpatient basis, but always under medical supervision.Its advantage is the absence of any medical procedures.Specific medications provoke miscarriage.These drugs are not even sold in pharmacies with a prescription, and can only be issued by the attending physician.

Indications for early abortion, which is held by medication, is the period of gestation.It can be carried out already on the 2nd week of pregnancy and the maximum should not exceed six weeks.The size of the ovum should be not more than 20 mm.

In some cases, early abortion, which was conducted with the help of drugs can be effective enough and does not lead to complete removal of the ovum.In such situations, an additional spend a full surgical abortion.Even a successful medical abortion has a significant impact on the hormonal status of the woman requires subsequent appointment of hormonal contraceptives.

Early abortion: how to prevent

order to prevent a situation where you need to abortion, it is recommended to monitor the regularity of menstruation, especially if the pregnancy at this stage is not desirable.

also important to use a reliable method of contraception.Choose the most appropriate and effective way to help the attending physician.If unwanted pregnancies still occurred, you should, as soon as possible to see a doctor to interrupt her at an early period.

Next for early abortion, as well as any other artificial termination of pregnancy, is the day of the new cycle when it can already occur following a pregnancy, so as soon as you need to choose the best method of contraception.

Early abortion: caution

Some women mistakenly think that an early abortion is not difficult to carry out on their own at home.Such an event could cost the life of the mother or failed to cause serious harm to her health.In no case do not try to cause a miscarriage, and without fail, seek medical attention.

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