Some effects of birth control pills

tablets for the prevention of unwanted pregnancies were synthesized in the second half of the twentieth century.When women started taking the contraceptive pill, once their effectiveness has been proven that this day is not subjected to any doubt.

correct birth control pills

control pills contain hormones that are produced in the ovaries during the reproductive age women.The menstrual cycle is divided into two phases: the growth and maturation.Similarly, in the middle of a cycle of a phase change occurs to the other due to ovulation - the appearance of the egg that can be fertilized.Under the effect of the contraceptive pill ovulation occurs.Since there is no egg, fertilization becomes impossible.No additional contraceptive measures while taking the contraceptive pill is not required.From the very first pill hormones into the blood, canceling the ovaries.The question of whether you can get pregnant, taking birth control pills, a positive response only in one case: when repeated passes reception.

Types of birth control pills

There are pills that contain hormones, only the second phase of the cycle: progestogens.They suppress the first phase, due to which inhibits ovulation.

drugs daily reception of so-called mini-pill, specifically designed for nursing women.Take a mini-pill should be right on schedule.Although the question of whether to take the pill nursing mothers, it is not necessary today, still, it is better to choose other methods of contraception.The half-hour delay receiving regular pill reduces the efficiency by 50%.

by the number of hormones combined contraceptive pills are divided into low-dose, and srednedozirovannye vysokodozirovannye.Drugs prescribed by the doctor, who is guided by certain criteria.

selection of contraceptive pills

doctor determines whether you can take the pill at some or other diseases.Low-dose drugs are considered the most modern, but their reception is associated with unwanted complications.Since a small amount of hormones in the blood, many women are not sufficient for normal regulation cycle may uterine bleeding in the middle of the month.

high-dosage preparations frighten its name.Nobody wants to take the "horse dose."The first hormonal agents were calculated on their direct purpose, solely for contraception.However, it soon became clear that hormone pills have a lot of favorable "side effects", which soon became the main, and contraception has become a free application to treatment.

Can I take birth control pills

combined pill regulate female hormones, and, without the expense of own resources of the body.Adequate blood levels of female hormones cancels their production in the ovaries.When receiving the contraceptive pill follicles do not grow and do not burst, remaining in a state of the stock.What follows from this, is it possible to get pregnant, taking birth control pills intermittently?It is possible, moreover, birth control pills treat infertility.A break from the pill causes the release of one or two eggs, so you might even conceive twins.

prevention of gynecological disorders:

  • Chronic inflammatory diseases of appendages moving into a stage of stable remission;
  • fertility period ends in the genetically fixed period of time (on its own birth control pills does not extend the youth), but the extinction of passes without menopausal disorders;
  • ovulatory pain disappear as excluded the fact of ovulation;
  • Premenstrual Syndrome imperceptible, because a constant concentration of hormones in the blood nullifies any of its manifestations.

Often patients ask whether you can take birth control pills for uterine fibroids, whether it will exacerbate the severity of the disease?

No, not aggravate.Conversely, if the right to determine what to take birth control pills, fibroids stop growing, what will no doubt testify ultrasound.

treatment pill is recommended for adenomyosis when no hormonal methods do not.If the pills are launched on time, the disease stops progressing.The reason lies on the surface - additional lesions disappear menstruation, in the absence of menstruation itself.Because when taking birth control pills do not occur monthly, and regular uterine bleeding, a result of the abolition of hormone pills.

correction of hormonal balance

correct hormonal balance determines not only the timely monthly, but regulates the functioning of the female body.Equally important it is not so much a question of whether you can get pregnant, taking birth control pills, and how to get rid of blemishes, such as acne or hair growth on male type.

Proper selection of the drug ensures getting rid of such problems.In this case, the use of pills to cancel its own synthesis of androgens, as a result of stops the growth of hair on the chin, in the mustache and legs.It is important to determine: what to take birth control pills, with which the ratio of hormones.In addition, female hormones are the best advocates of cardiovascular disease.

What the pill

to determine what kind of pills to choose, you need to consult a doctor, the same drug has unequal effects on different women.The tablets used by a neighbor or best friend may be harmful.Improper maintenance of hormones does not have the desired effect, and birth control pills has a unique effect - a contraceptive, as in the past century.

the appointment of contraceptive pills are taken into account the following parameters:

  • Age;
  • presence or absence of children;
  • Smoking;
  • presence of endocrine diseases;
  • patient Personality - traits, showing the predominance of female or male hormones.

At what period of time should take a break in the reception

contraceptive pills Argued that will certainly need a break from hormone pills, because they give the body burden.In fact, they unload the body, so a break in the reception of hormonal tablets only done for the purpose of pregnancy.The instructions to the hormonal contraceptives stated that a break from the pill is necessary for one week - the time allocated for regulated monthly.If for some reason you want to exclude the period of menstruation, birth control pills should be taken every day without interruption.So move over periods: the period of rest on the sea or sports competitions.

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