Optimal control after an abortion

Many women do not know what kind of birth control you can drink after an abortion.After an abortion - a huge stress for any woman, both physically and psychologically.Termination of pregnancy is very painful impact on the general state of the organism.Therefore, post-abortion pregnancy is contraindicated because the mucosa of the uterine cavity after surgery is very thinned and damaged.But from the first days after the procedure in the female reproductive system starts a new cycle, which is aimed at reproduction.During this period, the process is restored ovulation and oocyte maturation.A woman can get pregnant again within 10-14 days after the abortion.And this is highly undesirable, because the body has to recover fully.It is therefore important to choose the right contraceptive for post-abortion adequate and effective contraception.

What post-abortion contraception can be used

effective contraception after abortion are considered creams, suppositories, tablets.Such preparations should be used only

when necessary.Components means directly kill sperm into the vagina, thus preventing fertilization.

Such contraceptives after abortion - a wonderful option, which protects against unintended pregnancy after artificial interruption.

can also be used after an abortion and barrier contraceptives.This is different caps, contraceptive sponges, diaphragms and condoms.When used properly the reliability of such contraceptives after abortion is almost one hundred percent.However, the diaphragm and cap should be selected strictly on the size.They must fit very tightly, otherwise the funds will be sufficiently effective.

Most women still prefer hormone after an abortion.By its efficiency hormonal exceed all known methods of contraception.The composition of such tablets include synthetic hormones - analogues of sex hormones of the female body.

contraceptive effects of these drugs due to their minimal effect on the concentration of its own hormones.Such influence leads to the fact that the ripened egg is not released from the ovary.

After abortion can drink monophasic, biphasic and triphasic contraceptives.As part of the same means of monophasic dose of hormones for the entire period of the menstrual cycle.The packaging of such preparations included 21 tablets of the same color.From the first day of menstruation should drink one tablet.Hormonal contraceptives after the abortion is necessary to start from the first to the seventh day after the interruption.it is necessary to take a break for a week after receiving all the tablets.Monophasic birth control pills after abortion are very reliable.They are well tolerated and have a pronounced therapeutic effect in certain gynecological pathologies.

two-phase and three-phase preparations types uniquely combine the contraceptive reliability and maximum similarity with the natural hormonal status of women.The packaging biphasic preparations contained 21 tablets of two colors, and three-phase preparations of type - 21 tablets of three colors.

Instead of hormonal contraceptives after abortion can use progestin-only preparations.The structure of such funds include small doses of synthetic progestin.They do not have the hormone estrogen component.Such contraceptive pill after abortion usually give a minimum number of complications to the liver, the cardiovascular system, the blood clotting process.

Progestin contraception after an abortion must be taken daily and regular basis (one tablet on the first day of menstruation).The course of contraceptives - six to twelve months or more.Progestin pills - enough safe method of contraception.However, before using this type of drug it is necessary to consult a gynecologist.

Side effects of birth control pills after abortion

main disadvantage of birth control pills - side effects on the body.At the beginning of the reception may appear spotting.After the body to adapt to the new drug selection usually disappear.

Estrogens, which are part of the hormonal agents, may contribute to fluid retention, swelling of the lower extremities, bloating, high blood pressure and the occurrence of migraine headaches.

Progestins may cause nervousness, irritability, weight gain.

Sometimes when taking contraceptives after abortion appear on the skin dark spots, resembling spots, typical of the period of pregnancy.In this case you should immediately consult a doctor.

Sometimes when taking contraceptives bleeding may occur.Bleeding can be worn as a breakthrough, and the anointing character.Spotting usually occur in the first few months of taking the drugs.During this period, small doses of hormones funds still do not have time to accumulate in the female body.That is, they are not sufficient to cause a delay in menstruation.However, post-abortion contraception can drink, despite the emergence of spotting.

Modern oral contraceptives prevent the development of cancer diseases of the sexual sphere.The severity and nature of side effects depend on the individual characteristics of the female body.They contribute to the regulation of the cycle, cleansing skin.From combined contraceptives most commonly used Femoden, regulon Silest.

regulon after abortion

regulon can be drunk after an abortion.Regulon - is one of the hormonal contraceptive Contraceptive preparations which can be used as post-abortion, and in disorders of the menstrual cycle, and in severe premenstrual syndrome.Upon receiving this contraceptive after abortion improves skin condition, reduces the number of acne vulgaris, normalizes the menstrual cycle.Take

Regulon following abortion should be regularly in the same time for 24 days.If you delay receiving more than 12 hours at the reception next to drink just two tablets.The contraceptive effect can be achieved only with prolonged and regular use of the drug.

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