Pregnancy and blood group - is to know spouses

Feelings and pragmatism - incompatible things: the meeting of two loving people is not taken an interest in the blood group.As practice shows - unfortunately.Ideal psychological and sexual compatibility passionate people can be marred by blood incompatibility.

desired pregnancy - happiness for the couple.Preparing to conceive the first-born, except for the transition to a healthy lifestyle, eliminating any bad habits, future parents need to determine blood group and Rh factor.Here the concept of pregnancy and blood for the birth of a healthy child are equally important.On the positive course of pregnancy affect the compatibility on the basis of the parents and the Rh factor and the mother of the fetus.

awareness of the problem of compatibility of blood groups during pregna

ncy will help prevent potential negative consequences.Regular blood samples from pregnant allow time to identify antibodies and medical intervention will help keep the health of the fetus.

compatibility of blood groups during pregnancy

Membership of a particular blood group in humans begins to take shape as early as uterine period.Since its conception, the child gets the blood parents in equal shares.At first, the baby has all four groups in different percentages.At the same time dominated by the parent and the child often gets a group of father or mother.

question of the compatibility of blood during pregnancy is of great importance not only in terms of Rh factor, but also the group.It's all about the biochemical features of the blood of different people due to differences in the structure of its proteins.

Pregnancy and blood group does not cause complications in the following situations:

  • partners have the same group;The mother
  • fourth;
  • In the first group of father.

Rh-positive and Rh-negative factor is determined by the presence or absence of specific antigen D on the surface of red blood cells.The presence of this protein makes the human Rh-positive.If he is absent, the person has Rh-negative blood group.

One of the tests that do during pregnancy, determines the compatibility of the Rh factor and the mother of the fetus.Women with negative blood group pregnancy and childbirth complications can occur.

Negative blood type during pregnancy

Negative blood during pregnancy does not always represent a threat to the fetus.

  • In situations where patients with negative blood group of partners baby also has a negative Rh factor, blood of the fetus and mother alike, the conflict will not arise;
  • In rare cases, when the Rh-positive father and an Rh-negative mother's child has Rh-negative blood type, pregnancy also take place without complications;
  • If the mother's blood group is positive and negative at the kid, protein incompatibility will be.

Problems arise when an Rh-negative mother-fetus-positive group.Blood in the woman's body may begin to produce antibodies to destroy the alien baby proteins.

If Rh-negative woman is pregnant for the first time, and before that she had no abortions or miscarriages, do not worry.The blood in the mother's body has not yet faced the alien erythrocytes never learned them "fight".

woman doing a blood test with a negative Rh factor in the determination of antibodies.Careful attention is paid to pregnant women with negative blood group, in which antibodies were found.

prevent maternal blood and fetal conflict allows timely appointment gynecologist injection of anti-D-immunoglobulin, a safe, and for the child as for the mother.

Conflict blood groups during pregnancy

Conflict blood groups during pregnancy is as great a challenge as the Rhesus-conflict.Such a situation may arise when a mother and the unborn child are different groups.

If a woman has a blood group:

  • first or second - possible conflict with the fruit of the third group;
  • first or third - may conflict with the second group of blood from the baby;
  • first, second or third - likely a conflict if a child has a fourth group.

most dangerous combination when the woman with the first group of blood bears the kid in the second or third.In this case, the development of hemolytic disease of the newborn is most likely.

The risk group includes women who have had a miscarriage or an abortion, had undergone a blood transfusion, already have a child with mental underdevelopment or hemolytic disease.

development group immunological conflict is possible in couples with the following combinations of blood groups:

  • Woman On (I) and a male A (II), As (III) or AB (IV);
  • Woman with A (II) and a man in (III) or AB (IV);Woman
  • In (III) and A man (II) or AB (IV).

Pregnancy and blood group - an important issue which must be given to all young couples before they decide to conceive a child.And if you are already pregnant, do not delay the campaign to the antenatal clinic.Timely registration with help to identify the likelihood of conflict risk for blood groups and Rh factor and will ensure a safe pregnancy.

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