Worms in children under one year - how to diagnose and how to treat

Worms in children under one year are not as common as in children 1.5-3 years of age who are actively exploring the world, including tasting it, and are much more likely to be infected.The most common cause of intestinal worms in infants - is the presence of the mother even during pregnancy, the infection in such a case occurs in utero.The larvae of worms enter the blood stream to the fetus through the placenta or during birth, through the birth canal.Failure to observe personal hygiene in postpartum women, helminth eggs can get the kid in the mouth from the surface of the nipple, toys, and other items, they penetrate into the stomach and then the intestines.

Helminthiases dangerous at any age, but the worms in children under one year a special case, the body has not been formed, the immune system is very weak and the presence of worms in children can cause:

  • frequent acute respiratory diseases;
  • tendency to allergy (diathesis);
  • Diseases many internal organs.

presence of worms in infants - a serio

us problem for their health, as the worms are fed with the substances that are necessary for child growth and full development.

main signs of intestinal worms in children under one year

suspect the presence of worms in a young child is difficult, even when depositing feces analysis on helminth eggs, and in the presence of helminthiasis results may be negative.Therefore it is recommended to take this analysis a few times with the manifestation of these symptoms in your child:

  • Bloating, excessive salivation, persistent vomiting;
  • lack of appetite;
  • Inadequate weight gain with good nutrition;
  • Frequent problems with a chair, constipation or diarrhea;
  • pale skin, blue under the eyes;
  • Regular allergic skin rashes;
  • Wish kid constantly touch their genitals;
  • constant reflex pulling legs to the stomach, when pressure is applied above or below the navel child hurt;
  • Sleep problems and whims for no apparent reason.

The most common worms in infants under one year are found by accident, as a result of additional studies with long toddler ailments such as cough, runny nose, or insufficient weight gain and lag in physical development of the child.

Of course, the presence of such symptoms in a child can be caused by completely different diseases, but should be checked for the presence of worms.Earlier detection of helminthic invasion simplify the process of treatment and will not cause problems in the future of the child and his parents.

treatment of worms in infants

treat worm infestation in infants is very difficult, almost all anthelmintics are not recommended for use in children under two years, because they are highly toxic and cause a lot of side effects.For the forming of the body, the damage caused by intake of such drugs can be considerable, even at the slightest overdose.That's why absolutely not allowed self-worms in children under one year.

At the slightest suspicion of helminthiasis in an infant should consult a qualified professional who will be able to determine the extent of contamination and develop a specific treatment regimen effective in this case.In some situations, the doctor may even offer to delay treatment for a short time, the child has grown up.

does not recommend self-medicate and renowned pediatrician Dr. Eugene Komorowski.Worms in children can be very different, tactics, methods and timing of treatment, according to him, can only be selected taking into account the type of helminth infection volume and localization of parasites.Choose the method of treatment is very difficult when helminthic invasion, especially for babies up to a year, so you should not self-medicate.

To avoid infecting the baby worms, you need to observe good personal hygiene.But if you keep the baby from helminthiasis it was not possible, then, for his treatment should be entrusted to an experienced specialist.

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