Diagnostics and medical consultation before abortion

Induced abortion in a hospital requires proper preparation.Diagnosis of abortion helps to avoid complications in the future.

Inspection before abortion

Before any type of abortion the woman should be examined by a gynecologist.During the first visit carried out at the gynecological examination chair and is taken swab of the vagina.An experienced doctor in appearance of the external genitalia and vagina can already diagnose pregnancy.The increase in size of the uterus and a change in its form also confirms the conception and gives an indication of the date of its occurrence.

While receiving medical abortion before a woman poll in a specific pattern.What matters is not only the first day of the last menstrual period, but also other information.For example, it is important to know what the account is given a pregnancy than were completed earlier, there was a woman there any allergies in the past, there have been violations of the menstrual cycle and other gynecological problems.

Before abortion gyneco

logist always inform the woman about all the possible ways in this term abortions and their complications.

ultrasound before abortion

ultrasound before abortion uterine study used very widely.This technique allows the tool to confirm the pregnancy, to set time and location.Why do we need this information?

known that part of the interventions carried out without confirmation of pregnancy.Sometimes after becoming aware that the conception was not, and there were only a violation of the menstrual cycle.

It is also important to know exactly the term pregnancy before an abortion.Complete data can often be obtained only by means of ultrasound.It influences the choice of time interruption method, potential complications.

Knowledge of the localization of the embryo is also very necessary.At the place of fixing the ovum share uterine and extra-uterine pregnancy.In the early stages of the US only allows you to get all the information about it.Ectopic pregnancy is treated surgically, and is a cause for immediate hospitalization.

ultrasound before an abortion is sometimes not satisfied.For example, if in the village are inaccessible to study and pass the toll a woman refuses a procedure for financial reasons.Usually ultrasound before an abortion do not only with the scraping.This abortion is performed on period of 7-12 weeks.During this period, a gynecologist at survey on chair can with sufficient accuracy and confirm the pregnancy, and her royal location.

Rh factor and blood group before abortion

blood group before an abortion is always determined, if you plan to scraping.It is necessary to know, as surgery can sometimes require a blood transfusion.Before medical and mini-abortion, this study is considered desirable, but not mandatory.

Rh factor is important in any form of abortion.It is known that women with negative Rhesus factor is a risk of Rhesus-conflict during wanted pregnancy.This happens when the baby blood is Rh-positive.

To prevent Rh conflict in the future, women with negative blood is particularly important to use reliable contraceptives.After each pregnancy, even ended in abortion, increases the number of antibodies in the blood.In the event that abortion is inevitable, the necessary diagnostic and therapeutic measures.Before abortion in women taking the analysis on the positive Rh Sensitization to determine antibody titer.After an interruption for 2-72 hours introduced a special serum that reduces the risk of Rhesus-conflict in a subsequent pregnancy.

mandatory tests before abortion

Laboratory diagnosis before abortion to evaluate the state of women's health.Sometimes this information helps avoid serious complications during and after the procedure.

at the earliest timing is recommended to confirm the pregnancy blood test for hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin).The level of concentration of this hormone gives an indication of the presence of pregnancy and time of conception.

Smear on the flora of the vagina do with any type of intervention.It allows you to assess the presence of harmful micro-organisms in the genital tract.Before abortion is sometimes required to take a course of antibiotics to eliminate the infection.If you do not, then after artificial interruption of bacteria can cause severe inflammation.

Before abortion with pills is usually enough to make a complete blood count to set the clotting and bleeding time.This information is needed to avoid severe bleeding after taking the drugs.

Mini abortion requires mandatory blood tests for hepatitis B and C, HIV and syphilis.

Classic abortion with curettage is performed after a blood test for hepatitis, syphilis, HIV infection, as well as a general analysis of the definition of the clotting time and bleeding time.

Additional tests before abortion

part of the analysis before an abortion is performed on a paid basis at the woman's request.If there is a material possibility, it is better to agree on such an examination.

Analysis of "latent infections" allows you to identify those organisms which are not susceptible to the usual smear from the vagina.Such infections are many.Private can proceed ureaplasmosis, chlamydia, and other diseases.Before abortion is better to make in their absence or undergo the necessary treatment.The risk of infertility increases sharply if necessary therapy not spend time.

Biochemical analysis before an abortion is also not required.However, some of the parameters of this study are very important.For example, an increase in blood sugar levels to a violation of carbohydrate metabolism.If appropriate measures are not taken to the abortion in this situation, it is highly probable complications such as inflammation and infertility.Other important factors in the biochemical analysis of blood: liver transaminases, bilirubin, creatinine, total cholesterol.They all help to judge the state of health of women and the necessary treatment before an abortion.

Additional training to abortion

deciding on an abortion, a woman must become familiar with all the necessary information.She needs to know all the features of the method, possible health effects.Before the abortion is necessary to specify procedures for the appointed hour, when and where you want to come, that a taking.It is important to know how long it will have to stay at the clinic under the supervision of medical staff.

Psychological preparation before abortion boils down to, to understand yourself.The main thing to understand is whether the choice of abortion conscious and voluntary.The hardest survive abortion are women, whose decision was taken under pressure from relatives.

before abortion should be carefully weigh the "pros" and "against", to take responsibility for what is happening.After all, the decision taken depends the whole future life of the woman.

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