The risk of complications and late abortion

At the request of the woman abortion performed before 12 weeks of pregnancy.But sometimes life situations are such that it is necessary to produce an abortion when allowed deadlines have already passed.Abortion, starting from 13 weeks and up to 22 weeks, inclusive, is called late abortion.

To perform late abortions should be good reasons.After abortion - abortion, even in the short term, it can cause grave consequences, and what to speak about the big time.

Late abortion is permitted to do on the social and medical conditions, and the final decision a special commission.For social reasons for a late abortion include:

  • Pregnancy, which came as a result of rape;
  • husband's death during a woman's pregnancy;
  • Social mother insolvency, for example, the age of 18 years.

medical indications for performing late abortion are:

  • severe pathology of the fetus;
  • non-viable (non-developing) pregnancy;
  • severe disease mother (hepatitis, tuberculosis, viral infections);
  • mental and somatic illness woman, in whi
    ch continuation of pregnancy is contraindicated.

Techniques late abortion

If a decision on the termination of pregnancy at a late term experts define the method by which will be carried out abortions.Currently, there are three methods: salt priming, low caesarean section births and artificial.

Salt pouring currently recognized as ineffective method of late-term abortions, becauseoften leads to the development of adverse effects and has a great number of contraindications.

When using this method of late abortion under the control of ultrasound perform amniocentesis (fetal bladder puncture) and introduced into the amniotic fluid hypertonic solution of sodium chloride.As a result of this procedure and fetal death occurs within 24 - 48 hours have miscarriage.

Artificial childbirth - a late miscarriage caused by the use of drugs.When it all happens in the same way as in the spontaneous labor, but contractions caused by artificial means.

surgical method - low cesarean section, is also produced as a normal cesarean section, ie,surgically removed the fetus from the uterus.Due to the immaturity of the lungs can not kid yourself breathe and dies.This method is mainly in late pregnancy interruption is used when the continuation of pregnancy threatens the health and life of the mother.

Abortion in late pregnancy is recommended at 21-22 week, if possible, becausenamely complications occur much less frequently during this period.

abortion at 13 weeks 'gestation

At 13 weeks' gestation, fetal head is one-third of the total length of its body.Weight up to about 20 grams, and the length is about 7-7.5 cm Appear cartilage formation -. Rudiments of hands, feet, spine, ribs.The intestine starts to make his first peristaltic waves.

Due to the intensive development of the fetus, an abortion at 13 weeks threatens the woman a variety of complications.This period is the most undesirable for abortion.But at this time of pregnancy is often detected frozen.To preserve the health and life of women in such cases, abortion is inevitable.

Abortion at 13 weeks usually do an instrumental way, iefruit scraping of the uterine body, but at an infectious or inflammatory process, this method is contraindicated.Perhaps the use of 13 weeks and an autopsy of membranes, followed by suspension of cargo on the presenting part of the fetus.In this case, 50% of women have a late abortion protracted, lasting more than a day and sometimes entailing bleeding, cervical tears, infection.

Abortion at 14 weeks' gestation

On 14 week abortion is difficult.If circumstances permit, it is postponed to a later date.If you do this is not possible, then resorted to scraping the uterine cavity.Produced dilatation (artificial extension) of the cervix, the destruction of the fetus, removing its parts and then scraping the sides and bottom of the uterus.Abortion to 14 week quite dangerous.Therefore, it is most often carried out under the control of hysteroscopy.

abortion at 15 weeks of pregnancy

At 15 weeks' gestation, no aspect of abortion.Abortion to 15 week performed by the same method of dilation, curettage and evacuation of the fetus.There is a big risk to the health of the woman.Therefore doctors prefer to prolong pregnancy to term it a more optimal interrupt.Surgical abortion at 15 weeks' gestation may be complicated by uterine perforation, massive bleeding atonic.

Abortion at 16 weeks' gestation

gestation of 16 weeks the fetus has already reached a considerable size, and removing it artificially creates great difficulties.Therefore, a surgical abortion at 16 weeks is only possible by means of curettage, iethe dismemberment of the fetus and removing it piece by piece.This method with a significant amount of fruit can cause injury to the walls and the cervix.In addition, it is more a psychological shock for a woman, becausewhen this term is already possible fetal movements, felt by a woman.

Therefore, starting from 16 weeks of pregnancy, gynecologists give preference to other methods it interrupts: small cesarean section or induced labor.

Any method of late abortion, even made a highly qualified specialist do not give 100% guarantee of a successful outcome.Therefore, women need to constantly monitor their menstrual periods, their health and prevent occurrence of unwanted pregnancy.And if such a pregnancy occurred, then terminate its best in the early stages - up to 12 weeks.Ideally late abortions should be performed only for medical reasons!

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