Rehabilitation after a mini -abortion

Mini abortion began to be used in medicine since the 60s of the last century.It is possible to reduce the time of the procedure, to avoid uterine perforation and other serious conditions.However, it is not as harmless as it may seem at first glance.The consequences of a mini abortion can also be serious complications.

Female body after a mini-abortion

technique of abortion mini - vacuum aspiration: using a special suction tip and the ovum is separated from the uterine wall.This method of termination of pregnancy is possible only at the very early stages: it is desirable that it does not exceed four to five weeks.It is believed that the maximum period when it can be held mini abortion - 20th days after menstruation.To do this already at the 2-3rd day after the delay a woman must undergo pregnancy test.

The lower the gestational age, the smaller the hormonal changes a woman's body and the size of the specific blood vessels.After a mini-abortion, in this case it requires less time for recovery.

On the fourth or fifth week attachment of the ovum to the uterus is still quite vulnerable, and its removal does not require significant mechanical forces, and after vacuum aspiration is low risk of bleeding.

after mini-abortion much less negative impact on the fertility of women, rather than after a full abortion.The cervix is ​​not injured, which means that during subsequent pregnancies reduces the risk of cervical insufficiency - Causes of miscarriage.

Conducting mini abortion does not require general anesthesia, is always accompanied by significant risks, and is performed under local anesthesia.Within 30 minutes after vacuum aspiration woman needs rest, and after only 1.5 hours she can return to her normal life.

selected after a mini-abortion

Complaints allocation after a mini-abortion often occur 2-3 day.Women are puzzled because of this early start after a mini-abortion monthly.In fact, such separation is not menstrual bleeding, and develop as a result of hormonal changes the body.These days, women need special peace, and if the temperature rises, you must seek immediate medical attention.

At 3-4 days after mini-abortion increases the risk of complications.During this period, the woman should ensure the most comfortable conditions.Within 3 weeks after vacuum aspiration should refrain from sexual activity and alcohol consumption.It is also important to monitor regularly the work of its own excretory system.

Consequences mini abortion

about 1% of cases after vacuum aspiration fetus in the uterus continues its further development.For this reason, two weeks after a mini-abortion requires additional examination by a gynecologist in the absence of any symptoms.If after vacuum aspiration remained peculiar feeling pregnant (breast tenderness, nausea, vomiting, fever or develop bleeding, etc.), then a visit to the doctor should take place earlier: sometimes possible to save the remnants of fetal tissue in the uterus.

often during the mini abortion on the woman's request it can be installed uterine spiral to prevent unwanted pregnancy in the near future, as well as normalization of the general hormonal background.Instead, with the same purpose, a woman may be assigned to oral contraceptives, which are beginning to take on the 3-4 day after a mini-abortion.

Contraindications for any mini abortion are infectious and inflammatory diseases (even ARI).

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