After abortion - the stages of recovery of the body

Abortion carried out by any method - severe trauma for the woman's physical health, so, of course, and her psychological state.The recovery period after an abortion can vary from several days to a week.Full recovery period is different, because it depends on several factors.

Features recovery period after an abortion

Immediately after abortion uterine contractions occur with a gradual decrease in its size.At this time, due to the fact that before the cervix is ‚Äč‚Äčopen several days, it is possible to purify the cavity.Complete restoration of the uterine mucosa (endometrium) occurs gradually over several weeks.

duration of the recovery period after an abortion is largely determined by the chosen method of abortion.According to statistics, the fastest and with the least complications is restored after a mini-abortion, conducted in the early stages.The procedure itself is fast enough and does not take more than 10 minutes, and if it is conducted by an experienced doctor using ultrasound, the complication

s occur in rare cases.

Typically, the physician makes recommendations regarding whether it is possible to drink after an abortion antibiotic drugs to prevent the development of infection on the background of weakened immunity and other drugs for the symptomatic treatment of possible complications after the spent interruption.

Medical or drug abortion by many estimates is considered safe, although the drugs used for this purpose, can cause various side effects.After this recovery period abortion method can be long enough because there is a change in hormonal levels.Also, these drugs act on many other systems of the body that can affect the health of women in general.

required after the procedure at the doctor need to know about the possible consequences.It is necessary to know why after an abortion there are certain complications and how dangerous they are.

Quite often, after medical abortion for a positive pregnancy test.This may be due to different reasons.Sometimes hormones gradually restored.This can be judged by the positive dynamics of the content of tests for the hormone produced during pregnancy (human chorionic gonadotropin).More precisely know why abortion after a pregnancy test is positive, it is possible only with a doctor after further research.Sometimes this is due to incomplete or failed pregnancy, then to interrupt require a different method of aborting.These factors affect the extent to which delayed the recovery period and what complications might arise.

Surgical abortion is considered the most dangerous of all types.Accordingly, recovery from it may be the longest, and the consequences for women's health will be more severe.

Tips for a successful recovery after abortion

No matter which method was used for termination of pregnancy, doctors are advised to adhere to certain rules, which will help shorten the duration of the recovery period.

recommended to stop having sex for at least 2-3 weeks after the abortion.Asked whether it is possible after the abortion to deal with protected sex, the doctors during this time usually respond negatively.This is due to the weakening of immunity after the spent abortoma.At this time, it is likely that the infection can penetrate into the uterine cavity, the inner layer which is the first time after interruption conducted quite vulnerable.Especially warning applies to women who do a surgical abortion.

Whichever method of terminating an unwanted pregnancy, a woman is not elected, after the abortion she needs more rest and try not to succumb to irritation.Also, doctors do not advise to do hard physical labor for several weeks after the abortion.This may strain the abdominal muscles and cause bleeding.

also need to find out from the doctor, why after the abortion is necessary to carefully monitor your health, especially the body temperature and blood pressure.This will help to distinguish between life-threatening symptoms of minor ailments, which gradually pass on their own.Can I drink after the abortion medication to reduce the severity of these symptoms also need to learn from watching the gynecologist.

Asked whether abortion after taking bath and swim in the pool, doctors also usually respond negatively.For hygiene are recommended to take a warm shower only, which reduces the risk of infection of internal genital organs damaged.

In general, the recovery period after an abortion is characterized by a risk of occurrence of various inflammatory processes are localized in the pelvis, so you should monitor the timely emptying of the bowel and bladder.It is also important to carefully follow the rules of personal hygiene, especially in the first days after the interruption conducted, using warm water boiled with potassium permanganate.Underwear should be changed at least twice a day, it is desirable that it was made of natural materials.

At this time, you need to take care of good nutrition, saturated with essential vitamins.Find out whether you can have an abortion after a certain food, you need a doctor.Also, the doctor need to know whether it is possible to drink after an abortion pain medication in the event of severe pain and which ones.

Despite the fact that the recovery of each woman there is individual and depends on age, health status, method of interruptions and number of previous births and abortions, the implementation of these recommendations will restore the hormonal balance in the shortest time and avoid unintended consequences.

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