Began abortion - Symptoms and Complications

Began abortion - spontaneous termination of pregnancy characterized by a partial detachment of the ovum from the uterine wall on the background of hyper, which can develop at any stage of gestation.This condition is reversible.Pregnancy upon the occurrence of the condition in women can be saved without detriment to her health and the condition of the fetus.In most cases, when a timely medical attention for the fruit continues normal development in the uterus before it was due.The reasons for the occurrence of the state can be either external (physical strain, stress) and internal factors (inflammatory and infectious processes, pathology of pregnancy).Detachment of the ovum is accompanied by severe symptomatic complex.What are the main symptoms began to abortion?What begun with abortion care in the first place need a woman?What are the forecasts for the woman and fetus in such a state?

Gynecology: abortion began - the clinical picture, the reasons for the development of the state, the symptoms

Gynecology began considering abortion as a stage of spontaneous abortion, which is characterized by a partial detachment of the ovum from the uterine wall with a force of contractile activity.Such a condition is reversible with little detachment of the fetus.Pregnancy should be kept on the results of general clinical investigations, evidence of basal body temperature, as well as the results of analyzes of beta-hCG and trophoblastic glycoprotein, ultrasound monitoring in the absence of pathologies and conditions that threaten the normal development of the fetus and the mother's life.

the causes of abortion are external and internal factors.The external factors, provoking the detachment of the ovum from the uterine wall, are:

  • Physical stress (heavy lifting, over-voltage);
  • Physical abdominal trauma (falls, shocks);
  • Stress, emotional shocks of any nature;
  • overcooling;
  • overwork;
  • addicting drugs, alcohol, drugs and toxic substances.

The internal factors, provoking the development of which began abortion include:

  • Pathology of the fetus;
  • Pathology structure of the reproductive organs of women (in particular the uterus);
  • Gynecological diseases (inflammation, adhesions, etc.) - an inflammatory disease lead to poor circulation in the pelvic organs, violation of the contractile properties of the myometrium, changing natural conditions necessary for healthy implantation of the ovum;
  • Infectious Diseases;
  • Hormonal disorders that lead to a critical reduction in the level of progesterone - a hormone that supports the normal development of the pregnancy;
  • immunological factors;
  • Other diseases of the body, which are potentially harmful to the healthy development of pregnancy.

The main symptoms began to abortion include:

  • Pain in the lower abdomen (pain pulling, aching, cramping in nature);
  • Bloody abundant or spotting;
  • Heaviness in the abdomen.

clinical picture in which began following an abortion:

  • magnitude of the uterus corresponds to the period of pregnancy;
  • cervix is ​​retained, its outer mouth closed or slightly open;
  • possible minor leakage of amniotic fluid;
  • detachment of the ovum takes place in a small area, the localization of the fruit is preserved.In the late start of abortion detachment can occur in the middle, resulting in a hematoma retroplacental against which spotting may be missing.

Diagnosis and therapy of abortion began

Gynecology abortion started positioned as threatening condition, adverse fetal development and the health of the woman.Symptomatic complex began abortion has similarities with a number of other diseases, indirectly threatening the fetus and of women, however, abortion is not a.Began an abortion must be differentiated with the following diseases:

  • Hydatidiform mole - a condition in which the result of conception the ovum is formed, in which there is no normal development of the embryo, placenta nap at the same time grow in the form of blisters filled with fluid.Typically, the uterus during pregnancy such pathology increases faster than in normal healthy pregnancy;
  • malignant and benign cervical and vaginal representing the same clinical picture as the detachment of the ovum;
  • ectopic pregnancy;
  • bleeding against the backdrop of anovulatory cycle.

To diagnose the state of the woman and the fetus during an abortion begun apply:

  • ultrasonic monitoring;
  • General blood and urine tests;
  • test for HCG in dynamics;
  • test hormone levels.

positive dynamics of the level of hCG indicated the healthy development of the fetus, which allows doctors to decide on the viability of the embryo and maintaining pregnancy.If the ultrasound diagnosis to detect violations of fetal development (pathology, missed abortion, no heartbeat), it is the question of abortion.

Therapy began the abortion is to remove bleeding and identify and eliminate the causes of the detachment of the ovum.Women began to be able to abortion hospitalization until full recovery.

in the event of an abortion is necessary to properly establish the causes of the state in order to avoid the further development of pathological pregnancy, if the detachment began due to violations of fetal development or recurrence of state for external reasons, provoked detachment.

Abortion: help women when the first symptoms

When begun an abortion for the woman is in her immediate hospitalization.When the first symptoms began abortion woman shows a state of complete rest.When the pain accompanied by bloody discharge, the patient is not recommended to take any attempts to self-diagnosis and treatment.Acceptance of any drug for suspected began using abortion is not.Any medications are contraindicated, because their effect may significantly change the clinical picture of the condition and make it difficult to correct diagnosis.Gynecology abortion began to consider as a state in which it is possible to maintain the pregnancy.However, during prolonged absence of adequate means of preservation of pregnancy becomes impossible.In the absence of proper assistance began abortion can go to the stage of abortion in the course of that already is an irreversible process, because at this stage there is a complete detachment of the ovum and its removal from the uterus begins.This state often ends incomplete or complete abortion.With incomplete abortion, confirmed by ultrasound monitoring, surgical intervention is necessary to eliminate the remnants of the fetus from the uterus (curettage).

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