A month after the abortion - the stages of recovery of the body

first month after the abortion - this is a very important period, which strongly influences the future health of the woman.The coming weeks after the intervention of all the doctor's recommendations must be followed, aimed at the restoration of the body and prevention of abortion complications.

first month after the abortion conservative type

In the early stages you can use medical abortion or vacuum aspiration.These techniques are considered to be conservative and do less damage to the body of woman.Reviews after the abortion of the type usually emphasize the good tolerability of the procedure.The first 10 days after the interruption can be menstrualnopodobnye selection.During this period, you need to observe good personal hygiene, to give up love life, limit the physical and emotional stress.

conservative intervention is stressful for the body.To reduce the severity of the consequences, it is necessary to spend on drink a course of vitamins fortifying.For this purpose one can use virtually any mul

ticomponent drug.Pay particular attention to the presence in the composition of the antioxidants.

In the first month after the abortion conservative type of woman you need to monitor your health closely.The episodes of loss of consciousness, fever, severe abdominal pain should be cause for seeking medical attention.

A month after the abortion has to come menstruation.The duration and intensity of the discharge should roughly correspond to the usual for this woman.The normal cycle is not delayed more than 10 days.If menstruation did not come, then consult a doctor immediately.May be several reasons, including ineffectiveness of abortion.

first month after the abortion with curettage

From 7 to 12 week standard performed classic operative abortion.This method has proven to be very reliable.Indeed, scraping almost 100% of cases ends with abortion and fetal complete removal from the uterus.The first month after the abortion of this type of special precautions.Since scraping damage vessels uterine wall, the menstrualnopodobnoe reaction lasts long enough.If abortion is made after 9 weeks, the moderate allocation possible for the entire month.

After interrupting the intimate life can be resumed only after 30 days.This recommendation is not only protects against pregnancy, but also helps to prevent inflammation in the genitals.

In the first month after the abortion, you need to take some medicines, which will appoint a gynecologist.The first week of necessary modern means of broad-spectrum antibacterial action.It may be a tablet or injection.It is important to be treated exactly in the scheme.Also often prescribe iron supplements to combat the effects of bleeding.Hemoglobin helps restore and regular nutrition.

Menstruation begins 30-40 days after curettage.The delay should be a cause for concern and reason for applying to the gynecologist.

month after the abortion is necessary to protect yourself in every sense of the word.You can not become too cold, cool, sunbathing, swimming in open water, taking a bath, to overeat, to work in night shifts, play sports intensively.

Contraception in the first month after the abortion

Though month after the abortion, sex life is prohibited, doctors recommend to start combined oral contraceptives.It is believed that these drugs reduce the risk of inflammation, hormonal imbalances and diseases of the endometrium after abortion.These tablets function normalizes neuroendocrine glands help the body to survive the stress after abortion.In the first month after the abortion, many women still come into an intimate relationship.Combined oral contraceptives from the first day after the intervention helps prevent unwanted pregnancies.Taking contraceptives must be at least 3-4 months.During this time, most women have restored the normal functioning of the reproductive system.

mood in the first month after the abortion

in Russia is carried out about a million abortions annually.Less than 10% of the procedures performed for medical reasons.Often the decision to terminate an unwanted pregnancy a woman takes on their own.In the first month after the abortion the woman undergoing the psychological consequences of such a choice.If the pregnancy had to stop, yielding to the entreaties of relatives, the experience will be particularly strong.In severe cases, depression can be formed, asthenic syndrome, obsessive-compulsive disorder.

first months after an abortion is often a test for relations in the pair.Although the decision to get rid of the child often has a solid rational basis, it still opposes a man and a woman violates the harmony of their union.

If one month after abortion emotional experiences are intense, disturbed sleep, appetite, performance, should seek help from a psychologist or family therapist.

reviews after abortion

On the Internet a lot of resources devoted to abortion.You can find a lot of reviews and after the abortion.Do not believe all that is written is.Much compose activists against abortion.Although their position is sympathy and respect, stories of real patients are more interesting.

In actual review after abortion women describe any type of discomfort, prolonged isolation, pain in the abdomen.Part of the story describes a more favorable situation, when no complications have arisen.

reviews after abortion relate only to isolated cases.What consequences will have the abortion for every woman, only time will tell.

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