Status of the uterus after the abortion - complications and damage

After an abortion in the uterus during the week must take the place especially if the woman is young and healthy.However, abortion may subsequently affect the continued functioning of the body.Each type of abortion, whether medical, vacuum, or a surgical abortion, the different influences on the female genital organs.

uterus after abortion during its implementation is subject to greater influence than other organs.If a woman has decided to have an abortion in early pregnancy (up to 6 weeks), then the choice will fall on tableted abortion - the most gentle form of abortion.In the later stages of pregnancy medical abortion becomes ineffective because the fertilized egg after abortion can not completely quit, but women need to scraping the uterine cavity, which would nullify all the advantages of this type of abortion.

gestation from 6 to 12 weeks, an abortion is performed by introducing a vacuum in the cavity of the uterus thin disposable catheter.The catheter is attached to the suction, under local ane

sthesia, he sucks the fertilized egg after an abortion outside.

Starting from 12 weeks of pregnancy, abortion is a woman on their own can not exercise, it can be done only for medical or social reasons.For medical reasons include fetal abnormalities, as well as a condition where the pregnancy threatens the life and health of women, for social reasons include pregnancy due to rape, the court's decision on restriction of parental rights, the death of her husband during pregnancy and the women are in prison.

uterine condition after abortion

Due to the fact that most of the artificial manipulation during pregnancy are made of "blind", in most cases, the uterus after an abortion suffer most.

While abortion may occur perforation, cervical or uterine wall rupture, which can later lead to the removal of the body.Multiple abortions lead to the fact that much of the uterine wall thinning, and it prevents the attachment of the ovum, which is the cause of infertility in most women.The uterus after an abortion could be severely damaged, that is the cause of persistent dizziness, acute and severe pain in the abdomen, raising the temperature and bleeding.If a woman loses a lot of blood, then it may appear tachycardia, and her blood pressure is drastically reduced during the operation.

uterus after an abortion can be damaged in different places, so the symptoms that indicate that there are problems, will be different.

uterine damage after an abortion without the lack of bleeding and abdominal injuries can be asymptomatic, but the perforation of the uterus will be shown a sharp pain in the abdominal cavity with the development of shock.

greatest danger at the time of abortion is that the doctor can not pay attention to the damage to the uterus and will continue the operation that will cause irreversible damage to the genitals, bowel and bladder.

If the operation is carried out under general anesthesia, the uterus damage after an abortion will not be accompanied by severe pain, in which case the doctor is much more difficult to identify complications, he will carry out the operation without realizing that by doing so causes the body to a woman irreparable harm that would result in irreversibleconsequences and sometimes death.After the damaged wall of the uterus after an abortion a saline solution, which is carried out by means of a surgical abortion, can get into the abdominal cavity, which will result in damage to the uterus is located near the bodies.

cervical condition after abortion

Besides the fact that abortion is a severe psychological trauma for a woman especially when surgery is performed in late pregnancy, may occur and cervical damage after an abortion, which leadsto endotservitsitah.

Healthy woman in the cervical canal is a mucous plug which protects the sexual organs of penetration of infection.During abortion violated the chemical composition of the vaginal environment, which is why mucous plug is destroyed, and the infection gets into the cervical canal, and then in the uterus itself.

cervical inflammation after abortion is the impetus for the development of infertility, it is accompanied by a variety of symptoms including aching and pulling abdominal pain, itching in the genital area, abundant or scarce mucous, mucopurulent or purulent discharge.

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