Medical abortion and monthly thereafter

After medical abortion periods are indicative of the restoration of functioning ovaries and disturbances in the cycle indicate inflammation, and hormonal disruption.

recovery of the body after medical abortion

Medical abortion is a serious interference with sexual female system, and after the meeting, a number of consequences.

After medical abortion periods are an indication of normal operation or disorders in women sexual system.After the procedure, you must carefully control the menstrual cycle, until it will be completely restored.

After medical abortion periods are painless, but they are more abundant than usual during the first months.According to statistics, about 10-15% of women feel increased pain during menstruation and take painkillers.

Gynecologists recommend that when a cramping pain and fever immediately contact the medical facility.Painful periods after medical abortion may be the result of incorrect procedures conducted with the presence of the particles of the ovum and the endometr

ium in the uterus.

usually delayed menstruation after medical abortion indicates inflammation and hormonal disorders.Most women following medical abortion menses begin in 30-35 days.If menses have not begun within 35 days, you should do a pregnancy test and consult a gynecologist.

Pregnancy can occur within 2 weeks after the abortion, so to normalize the functioning of the reproductive system and stabilize hormonal contraceptives gynecologist appoints the course of 2-3 months.Most birth control pills prescribed to drink after an abortion, believing the next day after surgery, the first day of the menstrual cycle.

Medical research has identified several factors that directly affect the length of female body recovery after medical abortion.Such factors include the age and physical condition of the woman, the term abortion, the presence or absence of hormonal disorders, the success of the operation and the professionalism of the surgeon.

Reasons violations month after medical abortion

after medical abortion should begin monthly in accordance with the cycle of women, since the procedure does not block the progesterone receptor.Start month must be reported from the date of rejection of the ovum.

Delayed menstruation after medical abortion should not exceed 10-14 days.This duration is to restore normal functioning of reproductive organs.

If during the month after medical abortion causing severe bleeding and pain, then you need an urgent examination of the uterus, to avoid the development of endometriosis.

main causes of violations of menstruation after abortion is a serious impact on the body of the procedure.After removal of the embryo sex, immune, hormonal and excretory systems are in a state of imbalance.During this period, women can receive psychological problems, insomnia and fatigue.During this period, the body is weakened and may be heavily exposed to infections and viruses.Due to stress and stress periods after medical abortion may start later.

complications after medical abortion may lead to diseases of the uterus and infertility.After the procedure, you must be screened, and regular visits to the gynecologist to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and infertility.

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