Treatment of post-abortion complications and

Since each woman and the circumstances of her abortion is unique, it is impossible to predict in advance exactly what was needed treatment after an abortion, but it will take it without a doubt.

Features of treatment after abortion

Abortion is a serious interference affecting the various systems of the body of women.Engage in self-medicate after it highly imprudent.Most often, doctors prescribe after abortion vitamins, contraceptives and antibiotics.

In particular, the vitamin is needed to support a weakened female body within one to three months.Antibiotic treatment after an abortion is necessary to eliminate or prevent infection during surgery.Oral contraceptives are needed to protect the woman from re-incident, as well as to normalize hormone levels.

In addition, during the execution of an abortion and after the woman may develop certain complications - bleeding, adnexitis, endometritis, uterus infection and even peritonitis.Especially dangerous uterine perforation during curettage - remove it s

urgically.Violation of the contractile function of the endometrium as a treatment for post-abortion requires re-curettage.In turn, the frequent use of such procedures thins the mucous wall of poppies.

not completely removed tissue of the fetus during an abortion become a hotbed of inflammation and also require re-curettage, followed by antibacterial treatment after abortion.

Delayed impact of abortion not less formidable in time.It spikes, hyperplasia, fibroids, menstrual disorders, miscarriage, infertility, the transition of acute disease into a chronic form, etc.Treatment after an abortion in such cases is specific and depends on the type of established complications.

ultrasound after abortion

To prevent residues of fetal tissue in the uterus after the abortion, you need to control ultrasound after abortion.

All kinds of pathologies that appeared or became more active after the abortion, may have very serious consequences.Identify them at an early stage is also possible with the help of ultrasound.

If a woman has a fever develops fever, pain in the stomach back, headache - that post-abortion ultrasound will help sort out the causes of such symptoms and to determine the correct treatment.

Candles after abortion

candles after an abortion shall be appointed on the grounds.In particular, it may be an anti-inflammatory effect with a candle - Indomethacin etc.Candles Hexicon after abortion can be assigned to the prevention of infectious and bacterial processes endometrium.Candles after abortion contraception can be to protect women from unwanted pregnancy.

Oxytocin after abortion

Oxytocin is administered after the abortion to prevent uterine bleeding.The drug should be administered in the physician and the individual dosage used in the hospital under medical supervision.Due to the fact that oxytocin stimulates uterine muscle, it is effective to remove residues of the ovum from its cavity.

hCG after abortion

HCG - human chorionic gonadotropin - is produced in the body of a pregnant woman as a kind of protection against adverse fetal effects.Analysis of this hormone necessarily pass after abortion.

hCG after abortion allows to control the quality of the intervention.If hCG levels after abortion remains high, it can be assumed that the fetus is fully or partially survived.

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