Spotting after the abortion - the norm or pathology

Abortion - the procedure for abortion.Spotting after abortion are rules for this, regardless of the method used gestation interruption.By the nature of discharge can be determined the development of complications in women after pregnancy interrupted.What allocation after abortion are the norm?What is the average duration of discharge after different types of abortion?What if after abortion are discharge with an unpleasant odor?

Bloody discharge after abortion: standards after various types of abortion

Abortion is a medical procedure of abortion, carried out either traditional surgical method (curettage) or by drug stimulation rejection of fetal eggs and removing it from the uterus.Regardless of the method of abortion bleeding after abortion are the norm for this.For a more clear understanding of the status of women after an abortion is necessary to understand what happens during the procedure.

Bloody discharge after abortion conducted a traditional surgically, occur most often as a result of injury

internal layer of the uterus (endometrium) during curettage or uterine cervical canal during its dilatation.For an introduction to the uterus necessary tools for the rejection of the fetus is necessary to make an extension of the cervical canal.The inner shell of the channel and the uterine cavity is rich in blood vessels.Mechanical damage to the inner layer leads to bleeding after abortion.

spotting, tend to be more abundant than normal menstruation.The duration is 10 days precipitates.During this period of separation become anointing character.Many women suffer from the presence of small dark clots in the blood.After an abortion, separation may be accompanied by cramping pains, due to uterine contractile activity and its reduction to its former dimensions.

During the mini-abortion using vacuum aspirator selection is not as intense due to less mechanical damage to the internal membranes of the uterus.To carry out this type does not require abortion dilation (the expansion of the cervical canal), which also leads to less tissue damage.

Bloody discharge after abortion with the use of drugs are somewhat different in nature and duration.The essence of the medical abortion reduced to consecutive reception drugs provoke miscarriage (fetal rejection occurs from the uterus and its removal from the cavity) without any surgical intervention.Removing the fetus occurs against bleeding.Discharge is usually mild, with the presence of clots, accompanied by cramping pains.Heavy bleeding gradually acquire the character of anointing.

of bleeding after abortion: the nature, duration,

complications of symptoms How to determine the nature of bleeding after abortion complications develop?Spotting after miscarriage are the norm in force detachment and removal of the fetus, mechanical tissue damage, hormonal changes in the body.

If vaginal bleeding after abortion take on the character of bleeding (copious blood, requiring the change of the sanitary napkin more than 1 time per hour), then such a state can be a symptom of uterine wall strong injury until the perforation (rupture of the uterine wall with possible damage to the abdominal cavity).In this case, the patient should immediately seek emergency medical help.Such bleeding usually occurs in the first hours after the procedure, but in rare cases, the early release cervical spasm of the uterus after an abortion may occur after a few hours.Such allocation can be considered the norm option if their profusion is gradually reduced.

lack of blood discharge after abortion is also an alarming symptom that requires immediate hospitalization.In this case, the risk remains of internal bleeding.

Heavy bleeding after an abortion may also indicate incomplete removal of the ovum from the uterus.Such a state is accompanied by painful sensations in the lower abdomen.The remains of the ovum may trigger the development of the inflammatory process.For complete extraction of the fetus must be scraping the residue regardless of which method was interrupted by pregnancy.

Persistent bleeding after abortion, acquiring a brownish tint indicate the development of endometritis - inflammation of the uterus, which in most cases is triggered by the penetration of the vaginal infection.Wound surface presents an ideal environment for bacterial growth.

On the development of an infection in the genital tract as evidenced by discomfort in the vagina, pain, itching, unpleasant odor.

Character secretions after abortion, as the days go isolation, as well as associated symptoms differ depending on the method of abortion, as well as the terms on which interrupted gestation.Thus, the most dangerous abortion in the second trimester.The scale of damage walls of the uterus and cervical canal increases.Late-term abortions are accompanied by the most abundant secretions.There remains the risk of bleeding.Mini abortion is accompanied by the least amount of bleeding, while after medical abortion allocation acquire the character of bleeding and can last up to 10 days, which is a variant of the norm.

What if after abortion are highlighted in yellow, brown, with a smell

In the absence of complications, and rehabilitation of the normal female body after abortion are odorless discharge, bloody or red, without impurities and clots (allowed only in the first 2-4 hoursafter the procedure).Some patients say that after the cessation of bleeding after abortion appear allocation yellow or brown in color with an unpleasant odor.We should pay particular attention to the nature of such secretions after abortion, how many days they are going, as well as the accompanying symptoms.The presence of odor, purchase a yellowish discharge or brown tint on the background of general malaise, fever, severe abdominal pain is a cause for immediate treatment to the doctor.Chronic endometritis develops in most patients after surgical abortion.The disease is one of the causes of infertility in women.uterine infection requires careful examination and selection of appropriate medical treatment.Any infection of the genital tract also carries the risk of infertility.

Regardless of the method of termination of pregnancy a woman should be under medical supervision until complete recovery.

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