Blood loss after an abortion

in everyday life by abortion understand abortion.Average flow period after an abortion is the key to a successful recovery of the body after a traumatic intervention.An important question is how much blood comes after an abortion.This topic is the subject of this article.

What are the selection of blood after

interrupt blood loss after an abortion - a normal phenomenon.On the day of curettage or vacuum aspiration is damage to blood vessels of the uterus wall.Every pregnancy is always accompanied by increased blood supply to the genitals, so abortion is accompanied by profuse bleeding.If the period after the intervention proceeds favorably, the profuse discharge end in the next few hours.

next stage blood loss after an abortion is considered a normal reaction menstrualnopodobnoe.This bleeding starts on day 2-4, and like usual monthly.Blood has a brownish tint, its volume per day is small.Sometimes the separation of blood clots after abortion are.It is considered the norm, as the remnants of fetal egg

s out of the uterus.Menstrualnopodobnoe reaction should not exceed 10 days.On her first day of a new cycle is counted.Next month must go through 21-40 days.

period after abortion drug has some differences.In this case, no mechanical vascular injury.Blood loss after an abortion of this type is similar to the usual monthly.However, the later interrupt is done by means of tablets, the higher the risk of serious bleeding.

What allocation of blood after an abortion are dangerous

Excessive bleeding after abortion could threaten the woman's life.The amount of blood loss can be estimated independently.Normally, per day should be used at least 4 size maxi sanitary napkins.The sight of blood after an abortion is of paramount importance.The greatest danger is the selection of red blood.It is important to assess not only the blood loss, but also other symptoms after interruption.The reason to seek medical care should be an increase in body temperature.Severe pain in the abdomen, too, can not be ignored.

Factors influencing the selection of blood after an abortion

Any abortion - serious injury to the female body.Full recovery takes a long time.Isolation of blood after an abortion is a normal reaction to the sexual organs transferred intervention.In order for the inner layer of the uterine wall bounced back, always takes some time.On how much blood comes after an abortion is influenced by a number of reasons.The most important factor is considered to be suffering a kind of abortion.It plays an important role and the time when it was performed.Other important aspect is the qualification of the gynecologist, the state of the blood coagulation system, the presence of the past abortion and childbirth, age, pregnant women, the presence of her gynecological diseases.

greatest blood loss triggers a standard operative abortion with curettage of the uterus wall.This intervention is performed at time of 7-12 weeks.Vacuum aspiration and medication for the purpose of termination of pregnancy is usually accompanied by a smaller release of blood after an abortion.

blood recovered after abortion are associated with pregnancy.The more weeks of delay in a woman, the greater the blood after an abortion she would lose.

Diseases of the blood coagulation system in general predispose to prolonged bleeding.Large blood loss after an interruption may be associated with these diseases.

Multiple abortion, recent childbirth also contribute to an abundant hemorrhage.Because gynecological diseases on the blood discharge after abortion have a maximum impact of endometriosis and infectious diseases.

How much blood is normal after an abortion

Medicinal abortion provokes bleeding at 3-4 days after taking the first pill.First blood after an abortion is allocated a lot.The first two days of bleeding more than usual in terms of menstruation.Further, the intensity of the discharge begins to decline in a week is completely terminated.Drug abortion for more than 7 weeks, sometimes accompanied by profuse bleeding.That is why gynecologists recommend in this situation, hospitalization gynecological hospital.

Mini abortion is conservative intervention.On the day of the procedure may be a small selection.Next day starts at 2-4 menstrualnopodobnoe bleeding.This body's reaction normally lasts 4-6 days.

blood after an abortion with curettage lost quite a lot.Excessive bleeding continues for several hours.It is connected directly to the damaged vessel wall of the uterus.After scraping its entire inner surface is actually an open wound.The whole period of the bleeding woman is under medical supervision.She entered drugs that reduce uterine musculature.Most often performed oxytocin injection.

further highlight stop for a while.Menstrualnopodobnoe reaction occurs on day 2-4.Its duration should not exceed 10 days.The more was the gestational age, the greater the blood after an abortion will be lost.If an interrupt is carried out after 9 weeks, then for an additional month after the intervention of blood separation can be in small quantities.Bleeding after curettage not only considered the norm, but is a necessary step in the recovery period.If the blood after an abortion is not allocated, what is preventing its outflow.The accumulated fluid inside the uterus provokes inflammation.

Prevention of complications post-abortion

To minimize damage to health after abortion, it is necessary to adhere to medical recommendations.Observance of personal hygiene, taking of medicines and lack of sex life for 30 days help to restore the body.All month the woman should refrain from taking baths, heavy lifting, to avoid hypothermia.

blood loss after an abortion can be bridged with the help of iron-rich foods.The diet is necessary to include dishes from beef, liver, eggs.Sometimes doctors advise drink special preparations against anemia, for example Sorbifer Durules or Fenyuls.

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