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Pregnancy - Glossary of Medical Terms

Pregnancy Pregnancy (Latin graviditas.) - Flowing in the body of a woman the physiological process by which a fertilized egg from developing fetus is capable of extrauterine existence, there may be a simultaneous formation of two or more fruits.

Types pregnancy:

  • Ectopic (extrauterina; synonyms: ectopic, nesvoemestnaya) - characterized by the development of a fertilized egg outside the uterus;
  • abdominal ectopic (extrauterina abdominalis) - in which the fertilized egg implantation occurs on one of the abdominal cavity (omentum, intestine);
  • tubal ectopic (extrauterina tubaria) - a fertilized egg in the fallopian tube is fixed;
  • ectopic tubal ampullary (extrauterina tubaria ampullaris) - fertilized egg implants in the fallopian tube of the ampullar;interrupted by an internal (in the lumen of the tube) with a further break plodovmestilischa gematosalpinksa formation or tubal abortion;
  • ectopic tubal interstitial (extrauterina tubaria interstitialis; synonym: interstitial tubal ectopic) - the fertiliz
    ed egg implants in the fallopian tube portion extending into the uterine wall;interrupted outer gap plodovmestilischa;
  • ectopic tubal peresheechnaya (extrauterina tubaria isthmica) - implantation of a fertilized egg is carried out in the isthmus of the fallopian tube;interrupted outer tube rupture;
  • ovarian ectopic (extrauterina ovarica) - a fertilized egg in the ovary is fixed;
  • of twin (bigeminalis) - in the uterus there is the simultaneous development of two fruits;
  • Full Term (matura) - which lasts an average of 40 weeks, at the beginning of the count from the first day of last menstrual period, which corresponds to the deadline required for the birth of a full-term fetus;
  • immunologically incompatible (synonym: immunokonfliktnaya) - flowing with complications in the form of symptoms of an immunological response to the antigens of the mother of the fetus, such as the incompatibility of Rh blood of mother and fetus;
  • Multiple (multifetalis; synonym: twins) - the simultaneous development of two or more fetuses in the womb;
  • prematurity (praematura) - in the period between 28 and 38 completed weeks premature birth preterm viable fetus;
  • Normal (synonym: physiological) - characterized by the absence of complications, and ends with the birth of a healthy full-term baby;
  • Complicated (complicata) - during the flow observed various complications caused by abnormal development or extragenital diseases, pathological conditions of the reproductive system, immune reactions, etc .;
  • in rudimentary uterine horn (in cornu rudimentario uteri) - a fertilized egg develops into an under-developed uterine horn, are often not reported to the vagina and the uterine cavity;usually ends with a break plodovmestilischa;
  • Cervical (cervicalis) - implantation of a fertilized egg and development occurs in the cervix or the uterine isthmus.

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