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10 signs of impaired renal function

kidney importance for the organism can not be overestimated.These agencies not only do the work of cleaning the blood from the debris and removing excess fluid.They are responsible also for the production of certain hormones necessary for maintaining normal state of the bone tissue, and also for the production of red blood cells - red blood cells.When kidney damage violated electrolyte, fluid and electrolyte and acid-base balance in the body accumulate toxic substances.Kidney failure can be acute or chronic.In the second case, the disease is particularly dangerous because its initial symptoms are easily confused with symptoms of other diseases.According to statistics, nine out of ten cases in the early stages of the disease are unaware of its presence.To avoid trouble, it is important to know how the first period of renal impairment is reflected in the human condition.

1. breakdown

accumulation in the blood of toxic degradation products primarily a negative effect on the central nervous system.Patien

ts complain of constant fatigue, lethargy, memory loss and difficulty concentrating.

2. Sleep disorders

kidney disease causes nocturnal insomnia combined with daytime sleepiness.In addition, these patients often found such a violation as sleep apnea.

3. Deterioration of the skin condition

The elasticity of the skin is closely related to the maintenance of optimal water and salt balance.In renal insufficiency, the body accumulates excess water and nutrients and trace elements concentration decreases.The skin immediately reacts to such swings: becomes pale and dry.Patients tortured constant itching.

4. The changing nature of urination

Depending on the cause and stage of development of a human disease may experience different symptoms: frequent urination, false desires, increased or decreased urine output.Sometimes there are cases of unintentional or painful urination.Patients complain of aching, dull pain in the lumbar region.

5. The presence of blood in urine

Normally, the kidneys filter from the blood only excess fluid and decomposition products.At malfunction of kidney filters (nephrons) in the urine start to fall blood cells.Most often it is the red blood cells (when urine becomes a characteristic reddish color), but sometimes there are white blood cells.

6. Foam Appearance in urine

a healthy human protein in the urine can be determined only in trace amounts.In renal failure of the blood into the urine passes large amounts of albumin (a protein that makes up the bulk of the egg).At the time of urination, the formation of bubbles and even quite resistant foam.

7. Swelling of legs and the upper side of the stop

When renal dysfunction of the organism badly displayed not only water, but also some trace elements (such as sodium).Failed water-salt balance leads to fluid accumulation in the lower extremities, manifested in the form of swollen legs.

8. Muscle Cramps

Many patients suffering from renal failure, complain that they brings up.This is a manifestation of leg cramps caused by a violation of the sodium and potassium balance in the body."Culprit" this situation is often kidney failure.

9. Permanent swelling around the eyes

In this case, the appearance change is not just water retention, but also with the process of washing out protein from the body.

10. appetite Deterioration

Reduced interest in food is due to the general intoxication, caused by the accumulation of waste products.At the same time can be observed phenomena such as nausea, vomiting, dyspepsia.Progression of the disease is manifested symptoms of anemia and disorders of vascular tone.

In acute renal failure, human health is deteriorating so fast that he almost immediately falls into the hands of doctors and receives expert help.If the disease is chronic, destruction of kidney tissue (parenchyma) can be quite a long time to occur almost asymptomatic.To start the illness, you need to listen very carefully to the signals sent by the body.In the presence of at least some of the above symptoms should immediately see a doctor and undergo the recommended examination of them.

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