12 August

7 regular surveys , which must pass a woman

Visiting doctors - it is not the most pleasant thing, and many people are not in a hurry to pass the necessary routine examination.This behavior is very frivolous and improvident.After all, our health should not only us, the well-being of loved ones, children, grandchildren and their elderly parents is directly related to how much we are cheerful and industrious.Therefore, the time to be surveyed - the duty of every modern man.Experts believe that, for women especially need 7 regular check-ups and diagnostic procedures.

1. Mammography

Among cancers that can develop in women, breast cancer has the highest frequency.This is a very insidious disease, which is capable of not manifest unpleasant symptoms for a long time.Uncommon situation where at the time of treatment to the tumor professionals already metastasizes to other organs and the prognosis becomes not too optimistic.

Avoid the sad course of events is surprisingly simple: it is necessary to have regular mammograms.It can be done for free in any

health care facility without a referral from a doctor.The procedure is available, painless, quite burdensome and has no contraindications.The result is a diagnosis of breast tumors in the early stages.Women older than 40 years should undergo mammography at least once a year.

2. Visit your dermatologist

Human skin is constantly exposed to various environmental factors, many of which possess carcinogenic activity.With age increases the risk of malignant skin lesions or pathological degeneration of existing moles and so on. D. To start the disease, should be as often as possible to carry out self-examination did not detect significant changes of the skin.Once a year, you need to visit a dermatologist who will be able to assess the overall condition of the skin and see specific signs of pathologies that may miss the layman.

3. Check thyroid condition

Disorders of the thyroid gland fatally affect the general hormonal background, state of health and physical appearance.With age, the risk of failure increases: they are observed in 10% of women older than 50 years.It is from this age need to annually donate blood for analysis of thyroid hormones.The fact that the primary symptoms of this type of pathologies (drowsiness, fatigue, rapid weight changes, excessive sweating, dryness of the skin) are very easy to mix with other signs of disease or set simply attributed to fatigue and aging changes.The results of blood tests for hormones will make it possible to assume the existence of a problem and further examination by an endocrinologist to help put the correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment in a timely manner.

4. Visit an ophthalmologist

The fact that you need your eyes checked regularly, they know everything, but do it as a rule, only people who already have problems of this kind.Meanwhile, the constant use of electronic gadgets, computer work, and the style of modern life lead to the fact that the vision of modern humans deteriorate much faster than that of their grandparents.Statistics show that diseases such as glaucoma and cataracts steadily younger.To notice the problem and maintain a high capacity for work is only one way: by visiting an ophthalmologist regularly.For those who already wear glasses, this should be done at least once a year, and the rest can be limited to one survey every two years.

5. Blood tests for cholesterol and sugar

consumption of food products made in industrial production, entails an increased risk of accumulation of "bad" cholesterol in the body.It is fraught with sclerotization blood vessels and it is especially unpleasant consequences: stroke and heart attack.People who have such problems do not exist, you must at least once in 5 years to donate blood to determine the level of cholesterol.

properly maintain carbohydrate balance in the body today, too few can.From the occurrence of trouble such as obesity and diabetes of the second type are not insured by anyone.The annual study of blood sugar helps control glucose metabolism and to take necessary measures in a timely manner, if it is broken.

6. Pap smear

dangerous disease - cervical cancer, one of the most common types of cancer in women.The specifics of his is that he spent a long time developing a completely asymptomatic.The patient begins to feel discomfort only after the tumor has given numerous metastases, but the possibility of successful treatment at this stage is problematic.Therefore, women under the age of 30 years must pass an annual Pap smear, which allows the study noted cervical cancer at an early stage.With age, the risk of the disease is reduced, and analysis can be done less frequently.

7. Colonoscopy

bowel study - a very important procedure.She is one of the most informative methods to detect various diseases gastrointestinal tract (including cancer).Since the age of fifty, a colonoscopy should be held every woman no less than once every 10 years (if there are no problems with digestion).Study it is hardly pleasant, but a qualified specialist conducts her almost painless and the most comfortable for the patient.

Do not neglect regular surveys, if it can get rid of a lot of trouble in the future.It is important to choose a trusted professionals, and the result will pay for the costs and time spent.Women's health is worth it to take care of it, and take care of themselves, it should itself.

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