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Plantain - useful properties, applications , indications

bedstraw - herbaceous plant reaches 80cm in height with small leaves and flowers collected in the inflorescence.Bedstraw growing in Asia, Europe.Other common names of herbs: madder, syvoroten, yellow clover.

In medicine is used aerial part of the plant, sometimes roots.Collect the grass at the time of its flowering, for which crop plants at a distance of 15cm from the ground, tie and dried in limbo, hiding from the sun.

Useful properties

bedstraw The bedstraw mainly appreciated for its diuretic effect.The official medical use bedstraw allowed, but as part of various herbal and not in its pure form.Grass bedstraw use more in folk medicine: it can help relieve swelling caused by renal disease.Also known anti-inflammatory, astringent, regenerating, hemostatic properties of herbs.It is considered strong antitumor agent and is used for treating cancer of the tongue, breast, cervix and skin.It helps bedstraw cure cervical erosion.

Application bedstraw

Wet compresses with decoction bedstraw appl

ied to the skin, suffered from sunburn and poorly healing wounds.

When gastritis, hemorrhoids, bleeding from the nose, heavy menstruation, diarrhea, infusion of herbs used endometritis bedstraw or fresh juice of the plant.

helps remove the pain of gout plant, rezyah and colic in the stomach, intestines, eliminates bedstraw and headaches.

In epilepsy and childhood convulsions plant acts as an anticonvulsant.

When neurasthenia, hysteria, use infusions and decoctions of herbs as a sedative.

bedstraw Infusion drink with fever, pneumonia, sore throat, colds, coughs, tuberculosis, jaundice, liver diseases, rheumatism, scrofula, vomiting, nausea, thyroid diseases, includingat the nodes, cysts, hyperplasia, goiter.

Outwardly decoction or infusion can be used in conjunctivitis and broth or juice - with eczema.bedstraw juice and take the inside - it tones and strengthens.

When impotence fresh juice drink two or three p / day 2-3 tablespoons spoons, mixing it with water.

To prepare the infusion take two teaspoons of herb bedstraw, pour 250ml of cold water, heated to boiling and boil for two minutes, after which the studio and filter.Drink this infusion to 2-3 cups daily.

Atherosclerosis helps the remedy: two tea spoons of dried herbs pour 250ml boiled water for two or three hours under the hood, filter.Drink warm remedy 3-4 p / day for 100 ml before meals.

for bathing, lotions for skin diseases, ulcers and wounds, for douches brewed 4 tablespoons tablespoons herb with flowers in two cups of boiling water.

For the treatment of scrofula, boils, abscesses prepare ointment from bedstraw: 10g chopped dried flowers ground in a mortar, add 100g of unsalted fresh butter.

Sprinkle ulcers can also and powder from the flowers bedstraw, or impose 2-3 p / day slurry of fresh flowers.

for douching and mikroklizm prepare a tincture, one tablespoon of grass pushing four o'clock in 500ml boiling water.Before the procedure necessarily infusion filter.

Angina this infusion helps to bedstraw roots: 20 g of crushed and dried roots pour 500ml boiling water, 6-8ch insist, filter.Drink 100ml tincture for two or three p / day.


Due expressed diuretic action bedstraw administered with caution to patients with diabetes.

Because of the strong astringent action bedstraw use prescribed with an interval of one or two weeks.

children and pregnant women to take money made from grass bedstraw is not recommended.

Since the plant is considered poisonous, should adhere to the assigned dosage doctor.

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