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Plantain - useful properties , the use of cough description


plantain Plantain belongs to the family of the same name, in the wild grows in Asia, North and South America, Europe, and Australia.

In medicine used plantain leaves, stems, roots.

found in leaves and bitter tannins, polysaccharides, carotenoids, ascorbic acid, vanillic, ferulic, chlorogenic acid, fumaric acid, other organic acids, alkaloids, glycosides, choline, vitamins K, B4.

stems of plantain contain phenol carbonic acids and flavonoids.The roots were found sterols, linoleic acid.

healing properties of plantain Plantain

has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-allergic, sleeping pills, wound healing, anti-tumor effect, it stimulates the appetite and digestive system, strengthens the immune system.

Application plantain

Preparations plantain help with headaches, eye diseases, diabetes, exhaustion, gallbladder disease, arrhythmia, neurasthenia, heart failure, flatulence, ulcers of the digestive tract, colitis, chronic

Helps plantain in cancer, leukemia, Hodgkin disease: p

lant characteristic to protect the internal organs from the effects of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, it promotes the resorption of small tumors and metastases.

infusion made from the plant, has expectorant action, so take plantain cough.To prepare an infusion, one spoon a tablespoon of dried leaves brewed 250 ml of boiling water for two hours insist, wrapped a warm cloth.Drink infusion of plantain cough tablespoon four p / day before meals - for 20 minutes and further in a fit of coughing.

In addition, the infusion of the leaves of the plantain tones and helps with fatigue, general fatigue.But keep in mind that when using an alcohol tincture of plantain appears another feature - it has a sedative effect and helps to reduce the pressure.

plantain juice can also be used as an expectorant and reduces inflammation agents in asthma, whooping cough, bronchitis, pulmonary tuberculosis.Plantain cough in these diseases are used as follows: before a meal drink a teaspoon of juice of the plant.

plantain juice can be bought ready and use it not only for the treatment of cough: with gastrointestinal diseases drink one tablespoon of juice, mixing it beforehand with 50ml of warm water before meals (for 20 min.) 3-4 p / day formonths.Juice of Plantain helps with dermatological diseases - 3-4r / day make lotions, apply dressings or do the washing juice.Burns makes a regular treatment of the affected skin juice plant every one or one and a half hours.

good shielding means considered a decoction of psyllium, which helps with the inflammation of the intestine or stomach.They also treat hemorrhoids, diarrhea, used a decoction to treat gout, impotence, dysentery.To prepare the medicine, pour a tablespoon of seeds and a half cups of boiling water and boil for another 15 minutes.Drink decoction of the Council on 4 100ml p / day.Men after 35 years of such a decoction for the prevention of problems with potency is recommended to drink regularly from autumn to spring.

well as from the description of plantain know that its seeds helps with infertility: one tablespoon of seeds boiled for five minutes in a glass of water half an hour insist, strain and drink three p / day for 2 months tablespoon.

anti-inflammatory properties of plantain are shown and when applied topically.With broth seeds of the plant can make lotions to the eye to relieve inflammation: two tea spoons of seeds pour two teaspoons of cold water, stir and add six tablespoons of hot water.Infusion use can after cooled.

healing properties of psyllium are manifested not only in the use of decoctions or juice.For example, fresh leaves of the plant, frayed in the pulp, accelerate the healing of scratches, bruises, relieve inflammation of insect bites.For the treatment of the pulp of the leaves wrapped in cheesecloth or a bandage is applied to the affected area.Bites bandage to keep at least half an hour.If there is no effect, change the dressing on fresh.

If you mix a paste of freshly picked plantain leaves with egg white, Burns will remedy.It is applied to the affected skin with a thick layer of one or two p / day for 15 minutes.


In the description of plantain stated that it can not be taken at an elevated blood clotting, high gastric acid secretion, the presence of blood clots in blood vessels, hypersensitivity, aggravation of gastrointestinal ulcers.

Prolonged use of psyllium can increase the likelihood of blood clotting and thrombus formation.

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