12 August

And Hospital - Glossary of Medical Terms

Hospital I

Hospital I - health care setting designed to provide stationary population, and in the case of out-patient department and also community-acquired, health care.

Allocate Hospital I:

  • Geriatric - specialized or diversified, which is the treatment of senile patients and elderly;
  • City - rendering living on a fixed area for a given hospital adult urban population of specialized basic health care;
  • City Center - City Health Department has a function in the city of territorial, regional and republican subordination, in the absence of it in the district health departments;
  • Children - for the treatment of children up to 14 years inclusive;
  • Zemskaya (historical) - it was designed in pre-revolutionary Russia for the rural population was within the jurisdiction of territorial self-government;
  • Infectious Diseases - designed, subject to a strict anti-epidemic regime for the treatment of infectious diseases;
  • Clinical - on the basis of which the activities of clinical departments Postgraduate Medic
    al institutions, medical schools and research institutions;
  • Multidisciplinary - having a part of specialized departments for the treatment of patients with certain groups of diseases;
  • United - includes in its membership the hospital and out-patient department (clinic);
  • Psychiatric - specializing in the treatment of the mentally ill;
  • Psychoneurological - specializing in the treatment of patients with chronic alcoholism;
  • Central District (CRH) - performing the functions of the health department of the rural administrative district;
  • ambulance - providing only outpatient and emergency hospital care;The station includes emergency and ambulance services;
  • Specialized - general hospital name for the treatment of patients with a certain group of diseases, which include - tuberculosis, infectious, psychoneurological;
  • Tuberculosis - specialized hospital for the treatment of tuberculosis in patients older than 18 years;
  • Precinct - providing outpatient and inpatient care to all residents in the rural medical district contingent of the population, conducting medical check-up and a set of preventive and anti-epidemic work;It has in its subordination of all medical institutions of the rural medical district;
  • Physiotherapy - specialized hospital for the treatment of patients physiotherapy techniques.

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