10 October

Silymarin - instructions for use , testimonials, testimony

Silimar - a herbal remedy used for the treatment of diseases of the biliary tract and liver.

Pharmacological action Silimar

Silimar active substance has a strong hepatoprotective and anti-toxic action, because of its effect on the metabolism of the liver cells.

Using the drug activates the synthesis of enzymes and proteins in the hepatocytes.Furthermore, Silimar improves regenerative processes and slows the penetration of toxins in the liver cells.

release form

Silimar drug produced in the form of light brown tablets ploskotsilindricheskoy or lenticular form, containing 100 mg of active ingredient - extract of milk thistle.By

10, 30, and 60 pieces of cellular packages for items 30 and 60 in polystyrene canisters.

By Silimar analogs include drugs:

  • Under current substance - Kars Rosilimarin, Silibinin, Kars Forte Silibor;
  • By way of action - Methionine, Holenol, Peponen, remaxol, Tykveol, Kriomelt MN Phosphogliv, Deepa, potassium orotate, Glutargin, Gepafor, Hepatosan.

Indications Silimar

By Silimar instructions prescribed for:

  • toxic liver damage;
  • cirrhosis of the liver, most commonly in the complex therapy;
  • chronic hepatitis, as well as in states after suffering hepatitis.

addition, Silimar User is effective for preventing at:

  • chronic intoxication, including trade;
  • prolonged intake of alcohol and drugs.


According to the instructions to take Silimar contraindicated:

  • If hypersensitivity to the active ingredient, incorporated in a tablet;
  • Children under 12 years old;
  • nursing mothers;
  • pregnant women.

Dosing Silimar

According Silimar instructions should be taken before meals (30-40 minutes) 1-2 tablets three times a day.The most effective drug for the duration of 25-30 days receive.

If necessary, treatment can be repeated after Silimar few months.

Data on overdose Silimar not fixed.

Side effects Silimar

On reviews Silimar can cause allergic reactions and, in some cases, medication may have a laxative effect.

Storage hepatoprotective drug belongs to prescription drugs.Manufacturer's recommended shelf life - 36 months.

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