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Tenoten - instructions for use , composition, reviews, analogues

tenoten - a means for the treatment of neurosis disorders and neuroses.

Pharmacological action

drug is a homeopathic remedy.The structure includes tenoten antibodies to brain-specific proteins S-100 very high dilution.Such ultralow doses of highly purified antibodies trigger the mechanisms of non-specific control of infectious factors by improving immunity and normalize metabolism of nerve tissue, excitatory and inhibitory processes in the cerebral cortex by acting on GABA receptors, increase the threshold for alarm response.In practice, this action is implemented as nootropic, antidepressant, anxiolytic, and regulating emotions.

Application tenoten strengthens the nervous system, improves the ability to concentrate, memory, improves the immune system in conditions of hypoxia, stress, intoxication and fatigue.The product fit and healthy people in a stressful situation, because it has a stress protective effect.

drug has no sedative or muscle relaxing action, so it is also called "daily tranquilizer

."Compared with others tenoten perfectly safe.

In hypoxic conditions, after circulatory disorders in the brain (eg, stroke) in the complex therapy tenoten acts as a neuroprotective agent, normalizes memory and learning, helps to limit core damage in the brain.

On reviews, tenoten able to reduce cravings for drugs and alcohol.

Product form

The drug is available in tablets for sucking.

Indications tenoten

According to the instructions, tenoten recommended in patients with autonomic and neurotic disorders, neurosis-like states while.According to reviews, tenoten helps carry the load in conditions of chronic stress.In the case of the frequent incidence of chronic or long-term process, it smoothes out the psychosomatic component of the disease.This drug can be used in the treatment of organic lesions of the nervous system caused by circulatory disorders or trauma.


This homeopathic remedy can not be taken if you are hypersensitive, lactase deficiency, galactosemia, and up to 18 years.For children, established analogue tenoten - tenoten children allowed to use 3 years.Safety tenoten composition data for pregnant women and nursing mothers is not, so you must carefully weigh the risk ratio - the good in his appointment.

Instructions for use tenoten

tablets should dissolve under the tongue until they are completely dissolved, they can not chew or crush.Do not take tenoten for instructions while eating or later than 2 hours before bedtime.Reception frequency and duration of the course is individually determined by the physician.Typically prescribed drug for 1 - 2 tablets 2 - 4 times per day rate 1 - 3 months, in some cases up to 6 months.You can repeat the treatment after 1 - 2 months.If after a month of starting treatment improvement does not occur, you need to contact your doctor for dose adjustment or treatment regimens.

The same conditions for the reception of analog tenoten - tenoten children.The dosage for children from 3 years - 1 tablet 3 times a day, the course of 1 to 3 months.For young children, which is still difficult to hold the tablet in the mouth to complete resorption, it may be dissolved in a small amount (up to 15 mL) of cool drinking water.

Side effects tenoten

On reviews, tenoten rarely causes allergic reactions and insomnia due to the stimulating effect on the nervous system, if the drug was passed shortly before bedtime.

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