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Bronchiectasis - Glossary of Medical Terms

Bronchiectasis Bronchiectasis

(bronchoectasis; broncho- (broncho). Greek bronchos - windpipe; prefix denoting communication with the bronchi + Greek ektasis - extension.) - Note the anomalies of the bronchial tree or inflammatory and degenerative changes in the walls, expanding the limited areas of the bronchi.

Allocate bronchiectasis:

  • Atelektatichesky: characterized by a uniform extension of many of the bronchial branches and form in the zone of extensive lung atelectasis;lung parenchyma with bronchiectasis atelektaticheskom takes the form of a honeycomb;
  • Atrophic: characterized by thinning and atrophy of the walls of the extended areas of the bronchus;
  • varicose (synonym: beaded bronchiectasis): areas with normal clearance, alternate with extensive areas of the bronchus;
  • spindle: there is a gradual transition of the expanded portion of the lumen of the bronchus in a normal-sized portion;
  • Congenital: formed in the first days of life of the newborn or in utero and related to abnormalities of th
    e bronchial tree (mainly the lower lobes of the lungs);
  • Hypertrophic: characterized by muscle hypertrophy and mucous membranes of the bronchus, as well as their increased thickness;
  • destructive (synonyms: endobronhiticheskaya cavern, cavern bronchiectasis, bronchogenic cavity) usually sacculated appearing with festering bronchus and the surrounding tissue;
  • dysplastic (synonym: bronchiectasis dizontogeneticheskie) formed in the first years of a child's life as a result of congenital anomalies of the stroma of lung and supporting cartilage skeleton of the bronchial tree;
  • saccular: bronchiectasis, which has the shape of the bag;
  • Acute: appearing as a result of a sharp decline in bronchial wall tone or as a complication of acute destructive process that takes place in the lung;
  • Postbronhitichesky: appearing at the end of the flow of chronic bronchitis due to degenerative disorders bronchial walls, or at the end of the flow of acute bronchitis due to violations of bronchial wall tone or purulent fusion;
  • poststenotic (. Latin prefix post- - behind, after + Greek stenosis - narrowing.): Because of the atony of the walls and stagnant mucus distal to the narrowing of the bronchus during bronchoconstriction;
  • Retention: occurs when the bronchus wall tension bronchial secretions or in connection with the loss of its tone (eg, cystic fibrosis);
  • Dry: characterized by the absence of pus or secretion, and expressed a dry cough or, in rare cases, hemoptysis;
  • Cylindrical: bronchiectasis, which has a cylindrical shape.

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