12 August

Tuberosity - Glossary of Medical Terms


tuberosity (tuberositas) - the area to which the attached ligaments, tendons and muscles, which is a rise of a rough surface on the bone.


  • tibial tuberosity (t tibiae.) - The area to which are attached the patellar ligament;It is located at the front surface of the upper (proximal) epiphysis of the tibia;
  • deltoid tuberosity (. T deltoidea) - the area of ​​attachment of the deltoid muscle;It is located in the middle lobe of the lateral (side) surface of the humerus;
  • chewing tuberosity (. T masseterica) - the area of ​​fixing the masseter muscle;placed on the outer surface of the corner portion and the branches of the mandible;
  • sacral tuberosity (. T sacralis) - a region located on the lateral parts of the sacrum, to which are attached the muscles and ligaments;
  • webbed tuberosity (t pterygoidea.) - Area joining the medial pterygoid muscle;located on the inner surface portion mandible near its corner;
  • tuberosity of the navicular bone (. T ossis navicularis) - the area in the
    medial (medial) section of the distal portion of the surface of the bones of the same name, which is attached to the tendon of the tibialis posterior muscle;
  • tuberosity ulna (t ulnae.) - Area of ​​the attachment shoulder muscles;located at the proximal (located closer to the axis of the body), the end of the ulna below and in front of her coronoid process;
  • tuberosity of the radius (t radii.) - The area of ​​attachment of the biceps tendon;placed on the radial bone, medial and below her neck;
  • tuberosity of metatarsal bone I (t ossis metatarsalis I.) - The area of ​​fixing the tibialis anterior muscle;It is located on the medial-plantar surface of the base section I metatarsal bone;
  • tuberosity V metatarsal bone (. T ossis metatarsalis V) - the area to which are attached the tendon peroneus brevis;placed on the lateral portion of the surface of the base V metatarsal bone;
  • iliac tuberosity (t iliaca.) - The area of ​​fixing interosseous sacroiliac ligaments;It located on the rear of the ilium and the top portion of the ear-shaped articular surface;
  • gluteal tuberosity (. T glutea) - the area to which is attached the gluteus maximus;is an upper lateral lips rough fraction line at the top of the rear surface portion of the femur.

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