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Fenotropil - instructions for use , indications , analogs

Fenotropil - neuroprotective drugs.The active ingredient - N-carbamoyl-methyl-4-phenyl-2-pyrrolidone.The drug has the ability to direct way to improve the integrative brain function.This leads to improved mental ability, learning, memory consolidation, improve attention.In addition, Fenotropil has anticonvulsant effect, anxiolytic properties, improves mood, normalize the processes of inhibition and excitation in the brain, has anorexigenic action.In exchange application Fenotropil increases the resistance of brain tissue under conditions of hypoxia.Thanks neuroprotective properties phenotropil indications for its intended purpose and include the pathology caused by the influence of toxic substances, hypoxia.The drug improves blood flow to the brain, stimulates the metabolic processes in neurons.

Fenotropil has the ability to increase the regional blood flow in hypoxia.Improving the energy potential of the neurons provided by the enhanced utilization of glucose.Fenotropil no effect on the cardiovascular

and respiratory system.It is noted that the course intake phenotropil improves visual acuity, increased perception of brightness of colors.

drug Fenotropil has adaptogenic properties (increases resistance to stressful situations), which is particularly manifested in the significant emotional and physical stress.Phenotropil

moderately affect motor responses, reduces the inhibitory effect of hexenal ethanol and brain tissue.Is antagonist cataleptic effect of neuroleptics.

Fenotropil has some analgesic effect by raising the pain threshold.Also, this drug improves blood flow in the vessels of the lower extremities.On the positive properties phenotropil is the lack of teratogenic, carcinogenic, mutagenic, embryotoxic influence and low toxicity.

In exchange admission of the drug were observed withdrawal phenomena that reinforces positive feedback about Fenotropile.Besides, it does not develop tolerance and dependence to the drug dosage.Fenotropil - patented drug.Analogues phenotropil yet.

When taken orally, the drug is rapidly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, it penetrates the blood-brain barrier.The maximum concentration achieved one hour after ingestion.Do not metabolized in the body.The half-life - 3-5 hours.60% of the drug is excreted in the bile and then, 40% - with urine.Characteristic 100% bioavailability phenotropil.

Indications phenotropil

The instructions to Fenotropilu given such testimony to the appointment:

  • neurotic condition characterized by the deterioration psihodvigatelnoy activity, excessive fatigue, lethargy, memory loss, cognitive impairment;
  • depression;
  • CNS pathologies associated with impaired metabolism and blood circulation in the brain, as well as other diseases associated with impaired intellectual-mental functions;
  • convulsive disorders;
  • need inverting mode sleep-wake (in connection with the professional activity);
  • alimentary and constitutive obesity;
  • schizophrenia (vyaloapaticheskih over);
  • prophylactically with stress, extreme effects of a professional activity during hypoxia to stimulate mental and physical performance;
  • chronic alcoholism (in order to reduce fatigue, depression, increasing intellectual-mental functions);
  • psycho-organic syndrome with symptoms of lethargy, apathy, abulicheskimi disorders.

Contraindications phenotropil

According to the instructions Fenotropilu, contraindication to the use of the drug - increased individual sensitivity to forming part of the drug.


Fenotropil dosage for oral administration.The tablet should be taken after meals.Dosage and duration of therapy is determined by the doctor depending on the clinical situation.The average dosage phenotropil single dose of 100-250mg.The maximum daily dose - 750mg.Recommended daily dosage divided into two steps.If the daily dose is 100 mg, for example single dose per day.The average duration of treatment - a month.When alimentary-constitutional obesity Fenotropil applied for 100-200mg for one or two months.It is advisable to take

Fenotropil not later than 15:00.

Side effects

Fenotropil has a number of side effects: in case of late taking the pill available night insomnia, also noted the emergence of the first three days of treatment of phenomena such as skin redness, psihodvigatelnoe excitement, a feeling of warmth tides hypertension.

Application phenotropil pregnancy

not revealed teratogenic and embryotoxic effect of the drug, however, due to insufficient clinical experience is not recommended to use phenotropil during pregnancy and lactation.Due to the same reason Phenotropil not applicable in pediatrics.

phenotropil interaction with other drugs

Fenotropil potentiates the effect of anxiolytics and means that excite the central nervous system.


Due to the high activity of the drug positive reviews about Fenotropile both from patients and from physicians.Patients say quite easy portability phenotropil.Indications for use of the drug is quite extensive, and a variety of pharmacological effects makes it possible to achieve the desired clinical outcome.

Analogs phenotropil

There are currently no analogues phenotropil.

special instructions

In chronic stress, fatigue, a significant psycho-emotional exhaustion may increase the body's need for sleep in the first days of receiving phenotropil.In such cases it is recommended to begin use of the drug at the weekend.Precautions should be prescribed Fenotropil in atherosclerosis, liver disease, kidney disease, the presence of panic attacks in history, during an acute psychotic condition, and with a history of allergy to other nootropics.

should be familiar with the instructions to Fenotropilu Before using this drug.

The use of this drug is possible only on prescription.

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