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Vaccines and - Glossary of Medical Terms


Vaccine Vaccine I (vaccinum; lat vaccinus - cow.) - A preparation made from killed cultures of microorganisms or live attenuated (weakened) strains of antigens or toxins, designed for the active immunization of humans and animals.

Types of vaccines:

  • Adsorbed (adsorptum) - antigens that are absorbed on substances that enhance and prolong antigenic stimulation;
  • Rabies (antirabicum; Greek of anti - anti + Latin rabies - rabies..) - Derived from a strain of fixed rabies virus in cell culture or in suspension of the brain tissue of animals and is used to prevent disease in individuals bitten (or licks) patients with rabiesanimals or suspected to disease;
  • Associate (associatum; synonyms: polio, integrated vaccine combination vaccine) - a drug that is included in some vaccines of various types used for both manufactured immunization against several infectious diseases;
  • Live (vivum) - which contains viable strains of the pathogen, fully preserving the antigenic properties, but weakened to a degree th
    at excludes the appearance of the disease, leading to the development of specific immunity in graft;
  • Polyvalent (polyvalens;. Greek poly- - + many Latin valens, valentis - strong.) - Made on the basis of several serological types of the pathogen of infectious diseases;
  • Killed (v inactivatum.) - Derived from micro-organisms that have been inactivated (killed) exposure to chemical or physical agents;
  • Fenolizirovannaya (phenolatum) - killed vaccine produced from microorganisms, inactivated phenol;
  • formalinized (formalinatum; synonym: formolvaktsina) - killed vaccine prepared from formalin-inactivated micro-organisms;
  • Chemical (chemicum) - containing specific antigens extracted from microorganisms, and freed from the ballast substances;
  • Embryonic (embryonale) - made of Rickettsia and viruses that have been grown on embryonated birds (quail, chickens);
  • etherized (aetherisatum) - killed vaccine, derived from inactivated microorganisms ether.

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