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Vasculitis - Glossary of Medical Terms

Vasculitis Vasculitis

(vasculitis; vasculum Latin diminutive of the vas - vessel + lat it (preformative suffix) - inflammation; synonym:... Vasculitis), - inflammation occurring in the walls of blood vessels.

Allocate vasculitis:

  • Lupus (luposa) - vasculitis, occurring against the background of systemic lupus erythematosus;characterized by the destruction of the vessel wall and pathological changes in the nuclei of its cellular elements, leading to the release of nuclear material and the formation of hematoxylin bodies;
  • hyperergic (hyperergica) - acute vasculitis, allergic nature;characterized by the dominance alterative, exudative changes that occur with fibrinoid necrosis of the vascular wall;
  • infectious-allergic (infectiosa allergica) - hyperergic vasculitis that appears on the background of infectious diseases due to concomitant toxic and allergic reactions;
  • Infection (infectiosa) - vasculitis, an emerging infectious lesions because of the damaging effect on the vascular wall of the pathogen
  • Infection specific (infectiosa specifica) - infectious vasculitis, mainly productive, emerging against the backdrop of a number of chronic infectious diseases which produce specific granuloma of the infection;
  • productive (productiva) - vasculitis characterized dominance in the outer and inner membranes of vascular hyperplastic processes and sclerotic changes of the vessel wall;
  • Rheumatoid (rheumatica) - vasculitis rheumatism;characterized by exudative-proliferative or alterative, exudative changes in the walls of small blood vessels, including capillaries;
  • Rheumatoid (rheumatoidea) - systemic vasculitis in the background of rheumatoid arthritis, caused by the influence of deposited immune complexes, leading to damage to blood vessels;
  • System (systemica) - vasculitis with damage to blood vessels of many organs or organ systems;
  • toxigenic (toxigena; Greek toxikon - poisoning from toxon - bow + Greek -genes - generated caused..) - Vasculitis, formed as a result of the effects of certain drugs and toxic substances, because of their damaging effect on the fabric or toxicologicalallergic reactions.

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