12 August

L- Carnitine - reviews , harm instruction

L carnitine - an amino acid, is used as a dietary supplement.

Pharmacological action

L-carnitine is also called vitamin B11, it has antitireoidnym, anabolic, regenerating, anti-hypoxic effect, improves the appetite and fat metabolism starts.

application of L-carnitine supports the activity of coenzyme A, normalize metabolic processes, increases the enzymatic activity of intestinal, gastric juice, activates the secretory activity of digestive glands.The drug accelerates the regeneration of nerve tissue, has a neurotrophic effect.

believed that L-carnitine is effective for weight loss: during sports facility reduces the level of lactic acidosis, fat cells in the skeletal muscles, normalize body weight.In order to start the process of burning fat stores, in addition to a sufficient amount of L-carnitine is important for weight loss exercise and diet literate.

Product form

product is produced in tablets, capsules, syrup.

Indications L-carnitine

On instructions L-carnitine administered t

o patients with heart diseases, elderly patients - to improve memory, attention, slow down brain aging.

good reviews about L-Carnitine, which is given to premature children, children during active growth to ensure the normal development of the skeletal muscles, to bring the body back to normal weight.

Effective L-carnitine as an aid in the treatment of pancreatic cancer, cardiovascular and endocrine systems, liver diseases.

Also L-carnitine take the athletes to increase the effectiveness of the exercises, increase endurance, increase muscle mass fast;vegetarians - to make up for a lack of carnitine;people with reduced appetite, exhaustion.


On instructions L-carnitine is not indicated in case of intolerance means, during pregnancy, lactation.

Instructions for use L-carnitine

syrup is taken orally, by the time the meal reception L-carnitine is independent.

Adults drink the syrup three p / night for 5 ml.Athletes drink 15ml L-carnitine before exercise.Therapy usually lasts 4-6 weeks.

For children under one year of syrup given in a single dose 8-20kap .;1-6l children.- 20-28kap, children 6-12l..- 2,5ml.Take the children a single dose of two or three p / night for a month.

Tablets and capsules L-carnitine swallow whole, washed down with water.Adults are 250-500mg drug two or three p / day.Athletes take 500-1500mg before training.

For treatment is recommended to take a tablet, capsule courses for no longer than six months.

Side effects

special harm L-carnitine does not bear, it is well tolerated.

patients with uremia due to the use of carnitine may develop muscle weakness.There are also reviews about L-Carnitine, that in a few cases in those taking the drug were noted epigastric pain, allergic reactions, dyspepsia.

Man damage L-carnitine can only apply in case of intolerance and overdose.It was observed the appearance of sleep problems in patients who do not comply with medical prescriptions.

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