Abortion after cesarean - complications , especially

In everyday life happen sometimes not very pleasant event.It happens so that the light appears the long-awaited baby by Caesarean section, ie,surgical intervention in the birth process.Cesarean section is not a sentence for a possible birth of children later.

But happy the next pregnancy, experts recommend to wait a certain time required for complete formation of the scar on the uterus of women.The quality of the scar will depend largely on the outcome of the next pregnancy, as well as the choice of method of delivery.As practice shows, complete scar on the uterus is formed not earlier than three years after the operation.

But life is such that pregnancy can occur much earlier than the recommended deadlines.Before the woman appears a difficult choice - to leave the baby or have an abortion after cesarean section.

A woman should know that a defective scar on the uterus after cesarean section on large gestation tends to be thinning.This can lead to uterine rupture at the scar, fetal death, and sometime

s the woman.Therefore, if a woman has a very faint scar and the doctor does not recommend it in the near future to give birth and the pregnancy, there is a need for an abortion after cesarean.

possible that undesirable pregnancies for women undergoing surgical delivery or a new pregnancy is contraindicated because of her existing extragenital diseases.In these cases also raises the question of abortion after cesarean.But it should be remembered that there are certain periods in which it can perform, and it is important not to miss them.

can have an abortion after cesarean section or not

recommendations of abortion, emerged field of caesarean section, after full examination, the doctor will give.But it takes a final decision by the woman.Abortion - is always a big risk to the health and life of the woman, because this operation is actually performed blinded physician.Especially dangerous abortion after cesarean section as immature scar can be broken, and then follow various undesirable consequences.

deciding on abortion, we must remember that for each type of intervention, there are certain periods when you can have an abortion after cesarean section.

abortion methods after cesarean

At the present time there are three main methods of abortion - a medical, vacuum (mini-abortion) and the traditional instrument abortion.They create a general mandatory rule - any abortion must be done in a medical clinic specialists.Even the "easy" ones made out of medical institution threatens death.Especially it concerns abortion Cesarean field.

When medical abortion a woman is assigned a steroid drug, causing fetal death.Apart from him are reducing agents uterus.Medical abortion is only done in early pregnancy, not later than the seventh week.The most effective and safe it for up to 5 weeks.At this time, the body's hormonal changes a woman has expressed slightly, and the ovum weakly attached to the lining of the uterus.Medical abortion after cesarean is possible not earlier than in a year.

Mini abortion makes no earlier than six months after surgery on the uterus.In this case the pregnancy period should not exceed 6 weeks.This type of abortion is considered to be more gentle.But there may be complications associated with leaving particles embryo in the uterine cavity, making it necessary to perform further uterine curettage.

surgical tool or abortion after cesarean delivery is only possible through a year and a half after surgery.This requirement is due to the fact that after cesarean section on the uterine wall is the scar, and even made a highly qualified specialist instrumental intervention can not guarantee the integrity of the rumen abortion.Instrumental abortions performed before 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Abortion, like any other interference in the process, an undesirable inherent nature.But considering the various causes of the need for abortion, sometimes it is necessary to resort to it.

In any development of the situation, decide on the method of abortion after cesarean is necessary to the doctor.Only with full medical examination of the state of a woman who suffered operational delivery, you can determine the condition of the scar on the uterus and choose the most gentle method of interrupting an unwanted pregnancy.

Remember that abortion carries a risk of infertility, infection opportunity, bleeding, hormonal disorders.Today there are many methods of contraception, use them and take care of their health.

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