Abortifacient pill - types, timing , reviews

abortive pills in recent years are widely popular.The problem of unwanted pregnancy may face each woman.Contraception is not always effective.More often couples thoughtlessly neglect all sorts of prevention methods.Most of unplanned pregnancies end in induced abortion.If a woman has made such a decision, the further question of the method of medical abortion occurs.

Methods of abortion

In Russia, abortion is carried out up to 12 weeks at the woman's request.Further, the procedure can be performed only if there is a medical or social reasons.Currently, the earliest timing is performed abortions using pills abortifacient, that is a drug.Also in the beginning of the term can be done mini-abortion using vacuum aspiration of the uterus.In the period from 7 to 12 weeks most of the classic medical abortion is performed, consisting of dilatation and curettage its inner layer.Most experts believe that properly conducted medical abortion safe for most women's reproductive health.However, abortive pills should

only be used after the examination and under the supervision of a physician.

Dates for abortive pills

There are clear deadlines for the abortifacient pill.Their use in the later stages of pregnancy is ineffective and poses a number of serious complications.Officially approved for a maximum period of medical abortion - it is 42 days, counting from the first day of the last menstrual period.The world has accumulated enough data that the abortive pill effective for termination of pregnancy for up to 63 days of amenorrhea.Most considered the best early use of these drugs.At 4-6 weeks of pregnancy an abortion is performed on an outpatient basis, ie without hospitalization.If your doctor has decided to take advantage of abortive pills for abortion at a later date, the procedure is carried out in a gynecological hospital.Until what time abortive pills have a maximum profile of safety and efficacy?Any expert will confirm that the optimum use of this method of termination of pregnancy up to 6 weeks.This means that only after learning about the pregnancy, and deciding on an abortion, a woman must seek immediate medical attention.Drug abortion carried out on a paid basis in public and private hospitals, having the proper license.Independently carry abortifacient pill is dangerous at any stage of pregnancy.

What abortive pills used in Russia

abortive pills are not sold in retail pharmacy chain, as the application must always control the gynecologist.Drug abortion is carried out in two stages.On the first day a woman takes 600 mg (3 tablets) Mifegin (mifepristone) in the presence of a doctor.After 48 hours it takes 400 g Cytotec (misoprostol), repeating its application 3 hours after the same dose.Rejection of the internal mucous layer of the uterus and the embryo occurs after the first or second dose of Cytotec.This drug is an analogue of prostaglandin E1.This substance causes uterine contractions and expulsion of a dead fetus.Mifegin abortive pills are antiprogestagennym drug that implements the activity at the level of the uterus and ovaries, blocking the action of progesterone.It creates an unfavorable mifegin hormones to continue the pregnancy and causes the death of the fetus in the first trimester.The same drug is in the later stages is used for induction of labor.

abortive pills do not cause significant harm to the regulation of the female reproductive system.Their influence on the central endocrine gland - the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus minimum.This means that the ability to give birth to a healthy baby at the woman persists.Already in the next menstrual cycle, ovulation and possible conception.Gynecologists always warn about this woman, since the onset of the next pregnancy for at least 3 months should be deferred.

reviews abortive pills

Currently abortive pills are used quite often.Many gynecologists say their safety if used correctly.However, reviews of medical abortifacients tablets themselves are not always positive.In gestation for more than 7 weeks, most experts prefer the classic artificial interruption, since the risk of bleeding and inflammatory complications after the use of abortifacient pills in this period is high enough.Women who have experienced abortion drug, expressed different opinions about it.As part of the reviews on abortive tablets marked profuse uterine bleeding and painful, the subsequent disruption of the menstrual cycle.Most patients still are in favor of this method, because it is relatively safe for reproductive and psychological health.

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