Abortion 9 week

Abortion called abortion for up to 28 weeks.Spontaneous abortion can occur at any stage of pregnancy.Abortion up to 16 weeks referred to earlier, from 16 to 28 - later, and if termination of pregnancy is between 28 and 37 weeks - is considered to be preterm birth.

Abortion may be the next 9 weeks gestation:

• Medical abortion for 9 weeks.This method involves taking medications for specialized circuit.It is produced using a substance mifepristone, which blocks the action of progesterone.Under the influence of this substance cervix softens and opens during which fruit is excreted.The advantage of medical abortion in front of others is no risk of infection.This method of abortion is contraindicated in ectopic pregnancy, asthma, presence of scars on the uterus, are hypersensitive to the drug, and kidney failure.Pain during a medical abortion are similar to pain during menstruation in the abdomen.After taking mifepristone starts bleeding, which looks like a bleeding during menstruation and lasts for 12 da

ys.But it is worth remembering that the medical abortion to 9 weeks of pregnancy may not be effective if the women after taking the drug is not bleeding or there are only very minor spotting, as well as ongoing signs of pregnancy;

• Surgical abortion 9 week.In the surgical method uses scraping method;

• Vacuum excochleation (aspiration) with further curettage.This method allows you to remove instrumental ovum by suction and its shell eggs from the uterus using a special machine that creates a negative pressure in the uterus.This technique is less traumatic than surgical and also leads to fewer complications.

Abortion at any stage of a very negative impact on women's health, so try to follow the methods of contraception to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

consequences of abortion for 9 week

complications after abortion may be early and late.Early complications develop during week 9 abortion or immediately after it, and later appear after the time in some cases, years after surgery.

From early complications most dangerous - a violation of the integrity of the uterine wall (perforation) and uterine rupture.Perforation leads to damage to major blood vessels, bladder, and to peritonitis (inflammation of the peritoneum).The most frequent complications include bleeding, clotting disorders, cervical damage, blockage of blood vessels (embolism).Also, very often there is an incomplete removal of the ovum.After abortion necessarily aggravated chronic diseases of genitals, such as endometritis and salpingo.

During abortion in the uterus often introducing infection (infectious abortion).If the bacteria get into the uterus, there is inflammation of the uterus and ovaries with their appendages.

By late complications after abortion are inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, endometriosis, hormonal disorders, infertility, ovarian dysfunction, complications during pregnancies.If, during the abortion expanders are used for 9 weeks, then failure (incomplete closure) of the cervix often occurs.

After abortion significantly increases the frequency of ectopic pregnancies.After a single abortion risk of miscarriage during the next pregnancy is 26 per cent, after two - 32 per cent, after three or more - 41 percent.Also greatly increases the risk of tumors of the body and cervix of the uterus, mammary glands.

periods may recover for a long time after the abortion - from three to seven months, and the risk of becoming pregnant again, is very high in this period.

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