Abortion at week 8

abortion - abortion, carried out for up to 20 weeks.Currently, several types of abortions are applied depending on the gestational age in medical practice.Abortion at 8 weeks has its indications.In some cases, it is impossible to apply a little traumatic methods of vacuum aspiration, as to this date formed a stronger bond of the ovum and the mucous membranes of the uterus.What types of abortions are possible at 8 weeks of pregnancy?What are the risks associated with abortion at 8 weeks of pregnancy?Is it possible to have a medical abortion at this period?

abortion at 8 weeks: the main methods of abortion in this period

Termination of pregnancy at 8 weeks may be carried out both on the personal beliefs of the woman, and for medical reasons.The main medical indications for termination of gestation to 8 week include:

  • missed abortion - the death of a fetus in the uterus, is determined by the dynamics of hCG and ultrasound method;
  • Ectopic pregnancy - implantation of the ovum occurs outside the uterus,
    the most common site of the fetus is a fallopian tube, ovary, in rare cases, the abdominal cavity;
  • Violations fetal development;
  • Pregnancy threatening the woman's life;
  • The need for treatment, medical procedures, potentially dangerous for the development of the fetus.

abortion at 8 weeks is an early induced abortion.By week 8 of pregnancy terminates during embryogenesis, during which the fetus is already formed all organ systems.US control determines the fetal heartbeat.

The main methods of abortion are:

  • Abortion surgical methods - dilation and curettage (scraping), held for up to 12 weeks.Is the most traumatic and at the same time the most effective method of abortion.The probability of incomplete abortion is extremely small when scraping.This method of termination of pregnancy in most cases entails a number of complications (inflammation of the uterus, tubes and ovaries, cervix injury, uterine perforation, peritonitis);
  • Mini abortion (vacuum aspiration) - removal of the ovum from the uterine cavity by introducing a disposable catheter, by means of vacuum suction creates a uniform negative pressure in the uterine cavity, which promotes the rejection of the fetus from the uterus wall.This abortion method is the least traumatic.In 95% of cases, vacuum aspiration method completes a full recovery of the ovum from the uterus.The remaining 5% of cases, vacuum aspiration requires completion curettage.Vacuum aspiration is used to 6 weeks of pregnancy, however, according to the World Health Organization, conducting vacuum abortion at 8 weeks is possible with sufficient training of specialists;
  • Medical abortion - abortion by administering drugs that cause uterine contractions and fetal rejection eggs.Medical abortion at 8 weeks of practice is extremely rare.

possible if medical abortion at 8 weeks of pregnancy?The essence of the procedure and the risks

Medical abortion 8 weeks of pregnancy is carried out very rarely.Medical abortion is positioned as a safe, simple and effective abortion.Such an interruption of gestation produced a drug called mifepristone, which is a synthetic steroid antiprogestagennym agent with progestogenic activity.The product allows you to terminate a pregnancy without surgery, as well as avoiding cervical and uterine cavity injuries.

Under the influence of the drug occurs cervix and rejection of the endometrium, which promotes the separation of the ovum from the uterine wall.The subsequent receiving prostaglandin stimulates uterine muscle, triggering mechanisms of induced abortion and the expulsion of the ovum from the uterine cavity.By 8 weeks of gestation the fetus formed a strong connection with the walls of the uterus.If it is a medical abortion at 8 weeks of pregnancy, the patient should be under medical supervision.At this gestation is high risk of incomplete abortion.

Medical abortion at 8 weeks of pregnancy is carried out in three main stages:

  • Primary medical consultation, examination, confirmation of intrauterine pregnancy, to establish gestational age.In the absence of contraindications the patient under the supervision of a physician takes the necessary dosage of the drug;
  • Within 36-48 hours of going on cervical dilatation, the woman receives the necessary dose of prostaglandin to stimulate the contractile activity.At this stage, the control of ultrasound fetal monitoring.The second stage is characterized by painful cramping sensations, profuse bloody discharge;
  • final stage of medical abortion is controlling ultrasound monitoring to confirm complete abortion (complete removal of the ovum from the uterus, no products of conception and pregnancy in the cavity).Held 10-14 days after ingestion.

main risk medical abortion is a high probability of incomplete abortion or continuation of the pregnancy.Incomplete abortion at any pregnancy in the uterus develops inflammation.If pregnancy is still alive after abortion medical drugs, there is a great probability of abnormalities in the fetus, caused by the influence of drugs.However, pathology data can be detected only at a later date.

consequences of abortion at 8 weeks gestation

believed that the earlier performed an abortion, the less chance of adverse effects and complications.To select the method of abortion at week 8 of pregnancy should consult a doctor who will be able to choose the optimum method of termination of pregnancy in view of the patient's medical history.If abortion at 8 weeks is carried out in the first pregnancy, the use of traumatic methods (curettage) may result in the development of adhesive processes, inflammation, which in turn affect a woman's ability to conceive and further nurturing pregnancy.Also to the early effects of abortion at 8 weeks are inflammatory processes due to incomplete extraction of the ovum, embolism, infections development.

By late complications after an abortion at 8 weeks of pregnancy include hormonal disorders, menstrual disorders (until the complete cessation of menstruation), adnexitis, difficulty conceiving, current complications in subsequent pregnancies, habitual miscarriage, infertility.

8 weeks is a favorable period for the termination of pregnancy, which allows to avoid serious consequences for the organism as a whole and the female reproductive system in particular.Under favorable conditions, abortion at 8 weeks is better to spend less traumatic non-surgical methods.

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