Intrauterine fetal development

fetal development lasts an average of 280 days from the moment of conception to the birth of a child (10 lunar months or obstetric or 40 weeks).Calculation of conduct adopted by the first day of the last menstrual period, since the beginning of the formation of the egg, sperm and fertilization which will be the birth of the future baby.

Throughout the entire period of pregnancy there is a very complicated process of fetal development, the formation of ready-to-birth of the child of a fertilized egg.

fetal development by week

consider how a baby develops from the moment of conception, it is important that the first few weeks of growth the most significant to the viability of the embryo and its normal development.Fetal development by week is as follows:

  • 1 week - a woman has not often aware of her pregnancy, but important process has begun, the fertilized egg moves through fallopian tubes.Formed morula or embryo, which begins in the seventh day be implanted into the uterine cavity;
  • 2 weeks - the process of implantation of the zygote or ovum continues, it delves into the shell to fall off and grafted, dissolving it, the process of embryo supply begins.There elongation and separation into two primary fetal intestine, begins the process of formation of the heart and major blood vessels network, which was originally the heart sound like a tube.It looks fetus at the time as a very small raspberry;
  • 3 week - the embryo changes shape and increases, there is a bookmark of the nervous system, the formation of the brain and spinal cord.By the 19th day of the first blood cells originate, the heart tube makes the first reduction of 20 per day.Formed eye holes, of which later formed the eye kid;
  • Week 4 - 0.1mm length of the fetus, the brain grows, laid the beginnings of its five departments, at the same time is laying the rudiments of the lungs, liver, gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, inner ear, muscles.During this period of fetal development are beginning to form a limb, they look like little buds on the sides of the embryo.There is the initial formation of the mouth and eye development;
  • 5-8 weeks - the zygote becomes an embryo stage, the size of a grain of sand (of 0.4-1.0 mm to 11 mm) and weighs an embryo by the end of the eighth week for about '13 Goes tab formation of the skeleton and limbs, feet andhands take shape.Almost formed body has all the major organs, and some of them, such as the kidneys and liver are already functioning, juice produced in the stomach.Starting formation of sex organs, the head is equal to the length of the body and it is well marked the beginnings of the eyes, nose, mouth;
  • 8-12 weeks - 10 weeks can talk about fetal development since fetal period began.Weigh the fruit by the end of the 12th week of 13-14 g and a length of about 9 cm. Placentation process is complete, start to work the muscles that had already associated with nerve cells.Finally formed hands and feet, the fetus develops the sense of balance, touch and smell.Formed partition separating the abdominal cavity from the chest.We started to develop the rudiments of primary teeth, shaped iris.It is shown the first signs of intestinal peristalsis, and the liver produce bile beginning;
  • 13-16 week - end of the first trimester of pregnancy, an ultrasound clearly shows the baby's sex, the end of 16 weeks of his height 13-14 cm, weight 120-180 g occurs ossification of the skull, finally formed facial features and muscular system.Improving female sexual organs future girls.The fruit is actively moving limbs, but the mother of the movement still does not feel because of its small size;
  • 17-20 weeks - the end of the fifth month of fetal weight 280-300 g, length 18-19 cm It has already distinguish sounds, and movements become meaningful, begin to grow hair, nails, eyelashes..It is interesting that at this time the child is already tasting the amniotic fluid, and drink them if they are to his taste, but stops to drink if they are bitter or sour.We started to work sebaceous glands, releasing fatty substance that forms syrovidnuyu grease mixed with flakes of the epidermis.In the intestine begins to form meconium.From 18-20 weeks significantly the first movement of the fetus and then a woman regularly feel its movement.During this period, it has already tapped heart and through this audition, you can determine whether there is a delay in fetal development;
  • 21-24 week -. By the end of the sixth month of fetal weight 600-700 g, length of 25-30 cm The formation of the internal organs is completed, the fruit can produce respiratory movements, but to extrauterine life, he is not ready yet.Very rare cases of survival of children who are born at the end of 6 months of pregnancy;
  • 25-28 weeks - the fruit continues to grow and gain weight at the end of the seventh month of the child's height 30-35 cm, weight 1,0-1,5 kg already, but the cartilage is not yet completely formed, so the ear and nasal cartilagesstill soft and nails do not fully cover the nail plate.The heart beats with a frequency of 120-130 beats / min, the nervous system of the fetus is improved, it begins storing fat phase and the final formation of the child's body.The fetus at 28 weeks is considered preterm, but modern methods of care and timely help make the chances of survival for those born in the seventh month of children is very high;
  • 29-32 week - weight 1.5-2.2 kg, height 40-45 cm, improved operation of the internal organs, the baby opens his eyes.It is located already head down and is born perfectly viable, there is a further set of weight and height;
  • 33-36 week - ends in utero development of the fetus, it is less mobile because of the lack of space for active movement.The skin is smooth and baby pink, cartilage of ears and nose thickens the nail plate cover nail holes and beyond the end of the fingers.Completed the formation of all the internal organs, they are fully functional;
  • 37-40 week - baby donoshen, all organs and systems are ready for independent functioning, the movement slowed down in anticipation of the baby's birth.The intestinal tract is filled with original baby feces, formed of all that he is for the time swallowed - skin flakes, amniotic fluid, lanugo, defecation usually occurs after birth, but in some cases, the stress is partially baby intestine can be emptied into the amniotic fluid.Due to the increased level of estrogen breasts of girls and boys increased, the swelling subsides in 2-3 weeks after birth.

case of deviations at each stage can be discussed on the intrauterine development of the fetus, which causes can be as unhealthy maternal nutrition and pathology of organs of the child.Early detection and elimination of problems in fetal development to stabilize his condition and normalizes the formation further.That is why for any woman, preparing to become a mother, it is important to ongoing monitoring and regular check-ups during pregnancy.

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