Abortion 3 week

Unfortunately, pregnancy - is not always a welcome event.So abortion - a procedure, though extremely unpleasant psychologically and physically, but in some cases, necessary.

decision to terminate a pregnancy - it is the right of every woman.If you do not take into account the moral side of the issue, the first thing a woman should take care when carrying out an abortion on their health.This is to ensure that in future, be able to plan and have the desired child.Therefore, abortion is desirable to carry out at the earliest timing, namely, the most preferred abortion to 3 weeks of pregnancy and up to 12 weeks.In any case, the earlier gestational age, the more likely hold interrupt without undesirable consequences (abortion at 3 weeks of gestation rather than 12).

By law, abortion is required to be carried out under medical supervision.Otherwise, the high risk of getting various complications (infertility, or even death).

Abortion 3 week - what methods exist

If you learned early about their pregnancy,

then abortion 3 weeks is the most appropriate, so do not procrastinate.Abortion 3-4 weeks can be done in two ways: medical and vacuum.

vacuum or mini-abortion done using a special vacuum suction, which creates a negative pressure and sucks the ovum from the uterus.At such early pregnancy between the walls of the uterus and the fetal egg are no strong link, so the fruit is easy to remove by vacuum suction.Mini abortion with 3 weeks of pregnancy can be displayed in the case when medical abortion was unsuccessful (the fetus is not completely removed from the uterus).

The operation is carried out very quickly and takes less than ten minutes.If the procedure runs without any complications, the woman within a few hours to go home.For vacuum abortion 3-4 weeks - it's not too early, since this term is already possible to detect the presence of a fetus in the uterus.

Generally, when a mini-abortion very low risk of getting any complications, however, will not be more than a couple of weeks after the abortion to visit a gynecologist, as sometimes happens, that are the remains of the ovum in the uterus.

second method of abortion at week 3 is drug-induced.In so early (it is carried out up to 5-6 weeks), it is the safest method of non-surgical termination of pregnancy.Procedure consists in taking certain drugs, the most common of which is mifepristone.This type of abortion is carried out for 3-4 weeks, usually in two stages:

  • In the first stage after the appropriate examination of the gynecologist, ultrasound and of passing the required tests give a patient to take medication, and then a few hours it is under the supervision of physicians;
  • In the second stage (after about 2 days after taking the medicine) to the patient receiving prescribed prostaglandin.As a result, the woman has bleeding, after which there is a miscarriage.

After two weeks after the abortion patient makes reference ultrasound, which confirms that the fertilized egg came out completely.

Medical abortion at 3 weeks of gestation has a number of advantages:

  • As a rule, at such an early period it does not cause complications, but the very abortion takes place as painlessly as possible and looks like a normal menstrual period;
  • patient can continue to lead an active life;
  • No any tool interference in the uterine cavity, which eliminates the chance of infection;
  • Medical abortion at 3-4 weeks is much easier to bear psychologically.

However, there are contraindications to medical abortion:

  • Asthma to severe;
  • ectopic pregnancy;
  • Prolonged use of corticosteroids;
  • Chronic adrenal insufficiency.

Early abortion with 3 weeks - what are the risks

hardly necessary again to list the advantages of such an abortion at early pregnancy.Even from the moral point of view, it is much easier to go.The fruit on this term is at an early stage of development, and signs of sexual organs has not yet been formed.The woman has not yet had time to become attached to the child, and realize that she is pregnant.

Therefore, in the case of a firm decision to go for an abortion, 3-6 weeks - the most optimal time, as they will allow the woman to avoid the worst effects of mental and physical character.

When used for medical abortion (3 weeks of pregnancy, for example) is completely excluded injuries genital mutilation of women, the menstrual cycle is not broken.Therefore, to talk about the risks of abortion in the early stages so it is not necessary.

When vacuum abortion risk increases in proportion to the duration of gestation.For example, abortion at 3-4 weeks is more likely to end happily.The higher the term, the greater the fertilized egg attaches to the uterine wall, so abortion can result in incomplete suction of the fetus.As a result, it may require surgical cleaning - scraping.

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