Inflammation in the child 's eyes

Many women are interested in the reasons why there is inflammation of the eyes of the child, what treatment is most effective in such cases, and whether it can be carried out at home.

most common among eye diseases is conjunctivitis, which implies a number of various inflammatory eye diseases.Faced with this unpleasant disease can a child at any age.Pathogens are endogenous conjunctivitis (a complication of other diseases) and exogenous (infections, chemical factors, allergies).

With the development of inflammation of the eyes of the child eyeball kid becomes red, swollen eyelids, small blood vessels become visible.Conjunctivitis is often accompanied by high fever, restless sleep, excessive capriciousness and lack of appetite, after sleeping in the corners of the eyes can see a film of pus and crust, due to which the child's eyelashes stick together.

reasons a child

eye inflammation most common cause of inflammation in the eyes of the child is a bacterial infection, which is the causative agent is

constantly present in the human Staphylococcus epidermidis.It is the cause of staphylococcal conjunctivitis muco-purulent discharge under the eyelids, which eventually lead to gluing eyelashes after sleep.Fortunately, this is the kind of eye inflammation in the baby most easily treated and usually - with enough eyewash antiseptic solutions or the use of antibiotics.

little harder to treat pneumococcal conjunctivitis is amenable, as such inflammation is accompanied by a child's eyes spot rash, swelling of the eyelids, fever and purulent form films.Often, the disease affects both eyes at once, or a very rapidly spreading from patient to healthy eyes.Treatment of this type of conjunctivitis is similar to the treatment of staphylococcal conjunctivitis, but it can be longer and take up to 2 weeks.

most dangerous and difficult the flow is gonococcal conjunctivitis, caused by a bacterium that causes gonorrhea - Neisseria gonorrhea.This type of inflammation of the eye is transmitted from mother to baby, the patient with gonorrhea during childbirth, rarely transmitted infection while caring for a baby due to poor hygiene.Inflammation affects both eyes at the same time is shown on 2-3den after childbirth.

At the first suspicions of this disease should immediately consult a doctor to conduct bacteriological examination of discharge from the eyes, the confirmation of the diagnosis requires treatment in a hospital, as required complex antibiotic therapy, with the exact adherence of antibiotics and receive constant supervision of the patient.Treatment lasts long, as in the case of medical error or untimely termination procedures may re-aggravation of the disease, which lead to the development of purulent corneal ulcers and education leukomas.In the most severe and advanced cases, when the treatment was ineffective or late, the child may remain blind to the rest of his life.

Another type of eye inflammation in a child is a chlamydial conjunctivitis, which is passed from mother to child during childbirth.The incubation period lasts 5-14 days, the disease begins in one eye and in a less severe form of moves to another.

During inflammation of the baby's eyes, caused by chlamydia, often develop swelling of the eyelids, increased parotid lymph nodes, stands slimy pus develops evstahiit or otitis media.With the right mix of medicines and timely diagnosis of treatment lasts two weeks on average.

What to do if a child has inflamed eyes

Many modern mothers like to apply to the methods of alternative medicine, when inflammation was observed in a child's eyes.Some of the tips and techniques are quite effective, but there are those who, on the contrary, can harm the baby's health.Among them is the advice to wash the baby's eyes with saliva and breast milk.Every woman should know that milk and saliva are beneficial environment for the development and reproduction of pathogenic bacteria, so using them will not help, but only hurt inflamed eyes of the child.

tips that when inflammation of the eyes of the child as soon as possible to help his recovery, are as follows:

  • Even if only one kid inflamed eyes, rinse still need both eyes using a cotton swab for each individual;
  • If the child has an inflammation of the eye treatment is carried out with the help of eye drops, the use of the drug should be administered according to the instructions and recommendations of the doctor, at certain times.The used pipette before each instillation must be immersed in boiling water for disinfection.Squeeze need drops from a pipette into the inner corner of the eye, and then by turning the head of the child, it is necessary to distribute the drug throughout the affected area;
  • eye ointments, as well as drops, applied a thin strip on the inner corner of the eye, after which they are distributed independently by the inflamed area;
  • When purulent or mucous discharge around the eyes, difficulty opening the eyes, gluing cilia, eyelid edema, mechanical or thermal injury of the eye should immediately appeal to the pediatric ophthalmology.You should also consult your doctor if after two weeks of inflammation of the eyes of the child does not pass.

Inflammation of the eyes of a child: home treatment

Pus and the film formed in the corners of the eyes, can be removed by using water moistened cotton swab.In addition to water, some use decoctions of herbs or tea, but their effectiveness has not been proved.To conduct such a procedure should be carefully and very carefully, it is advisable not to put pressure on the eyelids with a cotton swab, and after the procedure is necessary to dry a piece of wool around the eyes.

When inflammation in the eyes of the child is accompanied by itching, to eliminate it is necessary to use eye drops from an inflammation that does not make it possible to influence the histamine receptors and interfere with its workings.It can help relieve itching with inflammation of the eyes of a child treated with compresses of cold water.

In the most severe cases, when a child has inflamed eyes, used antibiotics such as Vigamoks, Chloramphenicol and Tsiprolet.These drugs are produced in the form of drops to the eye from inflammation, which are applied after the removal of pus and ointments against inflammation of the eyelids and eyes, which are kept in the eye slit longer therefore considered to be more effective.

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