Abortion to 11 week

abortion at 11 weeks - a medical operation on abortion for pregnancies up to 12 weeks.In the pathology of pregnancy an abortion during this period can occur spontaneously.

How is the fetus at 11 weeks' gestation

If women doubt the correctness of the decision, before you answer the question - to how many months abortion - many gynecologists talk about what can and how to develop the fruit at this time.Often, after such explanations deciding to have an abortion or not, change.

fetal body 11 week looks disproportionately - head takes up 1/3 of the total body length.The skin is very thin and red due to the fact that blood vessels shine through.Through such a thin skin can be seen even the internal organs of the fetus.Continues to develop skeletal system - lengthen bones of the upper and lower extremities, there are ribs, and skull and spine become stronger.Become clearer facial features - a chin made out, the bridge and the eyebrows.Mimicry face is constantly changing.Auricles located in its usual place


Fruit able to flick, vaguely reminiscent of breathing - its diaphragm is reduced, then relaxes.Most of the time the fetus at 11 weeks is active, it moves, clasps his hands in fists, thumb-sucking, reacts to sounds or physical impact.Rapidly developing brain, appear unconditioned reflexes.

reasons for abortion 11 weeks

When an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy is allowed to make medical abortion at 11 weeks duration.This last week, in which abortion is not legally prohibited.After this period, abortion is not just criminal action - this time it is a serious threat to the health and life of the woman, because it is often performed outside the facility without the participation of medical personnel.

Sometimes after the first ultrasound examination of the fetus found incompatible with the life malformations and malformations (eg anencephaly).Then abortion is a medical indication.

Common causes impaired development of the unborn child are:

  • migrated at an early period infectious diseases;
  • Taking certain medications that have teratogenic effects on the fetus;
  • hereditary predisposition;
  • woman's age more than 40 years.

Types of abortions by 11 week

That, in what month is planned to have an abortion, and defines its methodology.Thus, the medical termination at 11 weeks to do it is too late, it is carried out only up to 8 weeks of pregnancy.Fertilized egg at the eleventh week of pregnancy already tight enough to attach to the wall, and the probability is high that the medical abortion at 11 weeks would be ineffective.

Most often 11 week abortion vacuum (mini-abortions) are used to induce abortion.Its essence lies in the fact that the fetus from the uterus is removed through a vacuum pump.This method is contraindicated in inflammatory and infectious diseases of the female genital organs.It has minimal traumatic effect on the uterus and is performed under local anesthesia.When

instrumental abortion at 11 weeks' gestation performed blind scraping the uterine cavity with a special curette sharp edge, and then destroyed large parts of the embryo are removed from the cavity of the uterus with forceps.

Only a doctor can advise on the most appropriate method of abortion based on individual characteristics and possible contraindications.

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