Abortion and the allocation of

large number of girls and women with the appearance of unexplained discharge immediately start to panic, not even attempting to deal with the situation.What post-abortion discharge may alert a woman, and which are considered to be quite normal?As a rule, the most common advice of doctors it is possible consequences of abortion and excretion after it can get rid of most of the questions asked.What can you expect?Is it even possible release after abortion was made, whether they are the norm?What is heavy bleeding is a deviation?What signal after abortion highlight yellow or brown?This article is dedicated to just the answers to all these questions.But we must remember that timely medical assistance may provide the doctor only.

consequences of abortion are usually abdominal pain, as well as a sharp weakening of the immune system.Next, create a favorable environment for the emergence of new and strengthening of existing infections, which also largely contributes to the injury of genitals after an abortion.

To avoid undesirable consequences of abortion, women should carefully monitor the nature of their secretions.They begin to appear somewhere on the 3rd day.Very dangerous profuse discharge after abortion with a very strong smell of rot.This is a real sign of sexual infections, which require an urgent visit to the doctor.The sooner treatment is started, in this case, the more likely it will be the normal outcome of all complications.

Brown and yellow discharge and abortion

Discharge brown can last about 10 days after the termination of pregnancy.This is due to the fact that the blood comes out after the abortion, but since scant nature of the discharge, it is time to fold, so selection is quite scarce and brownish color.After an abortion, such allocation should be considered the norm.

Brown discharge light colors are mainly a consequence of a surgical intervention, when out of the uterus continues to go even blood.However, separation manifested after abortion brownish color may also speak of a polyp in the uterus.A polyp can not be considered a dangerous disease, but it can cause abdominal pain after abortion, as well as during sex.

also after abortion allocation brown abundant nature may indicate the presence of quite a serious disease, such as endometriosis.Brown Discharge appear before menstruation and after.They are pretty sharp odor and are accompanied by nagging pain in the abdomen.Endometritis after abortion, in principle, is not a source of great discomfort.But it must necessarily be treated, otherwise during the flow of the next pregnancy will be the likelihood of miscarriage.

After abortion allocation yellow signal can be called breeding of bacteria in the genital organs.Streptococcus, E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Proteus - all the data in a certain number of microbes disrupt the microflora and begin to cause infectious diseases.Yellow discharge are specific to chlamydia, trichomoniasis, HIV disease that are more relevant after the abortion.

In any case, regardless of the nature, color and smell of discharge after an abortion, will not be superfluous to hand over a smear to detect an infection in the genital organs.

Bloody and profuse discharge after abortion - is this normal?

After surgical abortion blood as a rule, should not be abundant.Typically, women are observed so-called smearing, separation brown.If there are heavy bleeding, blood clots out big, you need to seek help at the hospital.

Bloody discharge after abortion abundant nature is sometimes so abundant that a woman does not have time to change sanitary napkins represent an immediate danger to life and require immediate hospitalization.The most common cause of such poor quality discharge is made abortion when the uterus are the remains of the fetus.Bleeding is caused by the fact that the remains of the fetus permanently prevent vascular reduction, which, after much isolated miscarriage blood.

selected after medical abortion and vacuum

However, this does not apply to medical abortion - bloody discharge and abundant are the norm here.With bloody clots after abortion starts to leave the embryo and amniotic all parts.

If after an abortion stomach ache and bloody clots keep coming out even after the allotted time for the abortion, it may indicate that the fetal part is still not fully emerged.Abundant selection after an abortion may occur about 10 days.The profusion of such discharge after medical abortion is totally dependent on the timing delay menstruation.What will be less than the duration of pregnancy, the less will be abundant selection after medical abortion.Short period are also characterized not pronounced hormonal changes, which means that the selection after an abortion will end very quickly.Heavy bleeding lasts about 2 days, after which their profusion reduced.This is quite a normal process.In the event of a fault, is to see a doctor.It is possible that your process is an individual or a medical abortion was not very effective.

And if the bleeding is completely absent, it should be wary.This means that the blood accumulated in the uterus, which is very dangerous for the body.

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