Abortion to 12 week

with an unwanted pregnancy, thousands of women face every year.The main causes of abortion are: medical indication of the state of health and the indication of the miscarriage of the child, lack of knowledge about sexual culture among young people, low-quality contraception or unwillingness to use it and the worst option - pregnancy resulting from rape.To maintain health become pregnant woman abortion should be carried out at the earliest timing, immediately after the diagnosis.Because of the seriousness of the situation, the woman is obliged to strongly reconsider the pros and cons, because abortion - is harming the female body: both the physical point of view, and psychological.

This article will discuss why it is desirable to have an abortion at 12 weeks or earlier gestation and fraught than abortion after 3 months.

surgical abortion at 12 weeks

period from 7 to 13 weeks of pregnancy is considered to be the initial stage of fetal development, but for abortion it will be later.Since the term of mo

re than 13 weeks, an abortion is performed in almost all cases by surgery: the fruit dismembered and removed from the woman's uterus.I would like to know why women thinking about abortion at such late pregnancy, so why the long haul with abortion, why not leave the child if the doubt?Sensibly answer to this question is impossible.

The Russian woman has the right to have an abortion at 12 weeks in the past, and no one can stop it.But abortion after 12 weeks carries a serious harm to the body and the psyche of women.It is worth remembering that the longer the pregnancy, the more damage will be done to the woman during the operation.

at 7-12 weeks' gestation, the fetus in the womb is already beginning to take shape, there is a development of the child's ability to live organs.Therefore, abortion on such terms is considered late, but still performed by vacuum aspiration.But medical abortion in these terms is not practiced, as there is a possibility of incomplete fetus out of the large size.

Abortion after 12 weeks

If pregnancy proceeds without complications, then it has to interrupt the medication will not work for 9 weeks.But there have been cases in gynecological practice, when, due to the weak development of the fetus was performed abortions at 12 weeks and after medication.However, this method does not give a 100% guarantee of a successful outcome to these terms.It remains the likelihood that the fetus is not completely out of the uterus and then the only option for women remains a vacuum abortion or, in the most severe cases - Surgical cleaning (scraping).That is why doctors do not recommend the use of drug-induced method of abortion for a period exceeding 6 weeks of pregnancy, in which case it is not effective.The bulk of abortion, of course, is done under general anesthesia.

Abortion after three months

terminate the pregnancy, or to keep the child at 11 weeks, the women can still own, but it should be remembered that the injury in this case may be a serious applied.Abortion at 12 weeks and abortion after 3 months is carried out exclusively by scraping the already formed fetus that has already been on the ultrasound even sexual characteristics may be considered.

If abortion after 12 weeks carried a greater danger, they would be banned and made only for medical reasons.Fortunately, most women have abortions at such late stages, carried them well.Also surgical abortion after 3 months is fraught with complications such as cervical damage, hormonal disruption, menstrual disorders and infertility.

Doctors categorically against abortion after 3 months of pregnancy, and so the woman is no longer able to decide the fate of the fetus on this term.Indications for abortion after 12 weeks is only the state of health of the fetus and the mother.

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