Abortion to 10 week

Abortion is any abortion that took place for up to 28 weeks, in 20% of cases pregnancy ends due to miscarriage - miscarriage, which occurs regardless of the desires of the woman.After 28 weeks, abortion is considered artificial birth and born fruit already viable and there is a possibility with the help of special medical equipment to save the life of the baby.In any case, an abortion at 10 weeks or later is a difficult challenge in the life of any woman.

Induced abortion is the most contentious issue in modern society, someone thinks that abortion at any stage of pregnancy is the murder of an unborn child, and someone zealously defends a woman's right to decide when she becomes a mother.

safest form of abortion - pharmacological or medical, it is carried out by receiving special drugs that stimulate spontaneous abortion can be carried out for a period of 0 to 4 weeks, as a later conduct can not give any results, or fertilized egg will not completely andIt will require the uterus cleaning.

vacuum abortion or mini-abortion carried out for a period of 5 to 6 weeks through the introduction into the uterine cavity of a vacuum aspirator attached to the special equipment.While in the womb the procedure a vacuum is created, through which the fertilized egg breaks away from the wall.

Surgical abortion is performed under general anesthesia, and the course of scraping controlled ultrasonic sensors on the period of 10 weeks.

After 12 weeks of pregnancy abortion on the woman's request is not carried out, the reason for the meeting can only be medical (fetal pathology, life-threatening child or mother) or social indications (too late or early pregnancy, the presence of at least 5 children).

In late pregnancy an abortion is carried out by means of a complex operation that threatens serious complications.If an abortion at 10 weeks' gestation is still running more or less safe for the health of women way, that at a later date it is carried out through the introduction of saline into the fetal bladder, after which the dead fetus is removed from the uterus.

In any case, abortion is a painful process, not only on a physical level, but also in moral terms.

Abortion at 10 weeks of pregnancy: complications

As during any other operation, because abortion can result in various complications that lead to irreversible consequences for the health of the mother failed.The most serious complication after surgical abortion on term of 10 weeks, is perforation of the uterine wall, which leads to internal bleeding, injury to internal organs, and peritonitis.Such consequences of abortion 10 weeks of pregnancy can lead to hysterectomies.

abortion on term of 10 weeks, the consequences

abortion always leads to hormonal disruption, as by tuning into the pregnancy a woman's body produces specific hormones, which in disrupting pregnancy at a later date result inthe inevitable failure in the hormonal system.Carrying out an abortion on a 10 week lead to more global consequences than at week 4, as in the earlier timing of hormonal changes the body will have a less detrimental effect on women's health.

Causing miscarriage at home with the help of alternative medicine practices can have even more serious consequences, since the onset of bleeding can not be stopped on their own.Such extreme experiments often lead to the removal of internal genital organs failed mother, not excluding death.

Having decided on an abortion procedure at 10 weeks, a woman must know that abortion should be a highly qualified specialist will within a reasonable time and in a specialized medical institution.Also abortion at week 10 of the system leads to an imbalance of blood pressure regulation, immune, renal and hepatic function of circulating blood volume.Often the transfer of a 10 week abortion increases the irritability of women, leading to a deterioration in her sleep and fatigue.

woman's body becomes vulnerable to infectious and inflammatory diseases, and inflammation of the uterus often accompanies abortion, leads in the end to the obstruction of the fallopian tubes, which in turn can cause ectopic pregnancy or infertility.It is not excluded, and violation of ovarian function, which leads to infertility.

Because of blind curettage endometrium often arise microtrauma, thinned areas, scars, and other events, because of which the normal supply of the embryo is a violation of a subsequent pregnancy, which is fraught with miscarriage, malformation of the fetus or premature birth.

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