Abortion - timeline

The "abortion" word lies a subtle bitterness.Translated from the English word meaning "to throw."The concept of medical abortion - this is the termination of pregnancy for any indications or at a woman's request.It happens in life that sometimes there are reasons for not allowing a woman to give birth to have originated in her body baby.

Abortion - an intervention in the natural course of pregnancy.For women, it is not only a physiological damage to health, but also the strongest emotional and hormonal stress.The consequences of abortion are disappointing.In the postoperative period (and abortion - this is a real surgery) is a sharp alteration of an organism, already configured on the birth of a child.

Abortion: in what term can be

abortion terms, iethe time during which to make women at termination of pregnancy will, strictly limited.But if the termination of pregnancy, there are medical indications (fetal abnormalities, diseases of women, in which the further development of the pregnancy would end

anger her life), an interrupt can be carried out completely at any stage.

In terms of abortion is subdivided into early and late.By early abortion refers to the termination of pregnancy up to 12 weeks.Early abortion performed for medical reasons, or women on their own.Late abortions at 12-22 weeks of pregnancy can be performed only for necessary medical indications, iethe maximum time limit for abortion is 22 weeks.Abortion after 22 weeks, when the fruit is ripe for the birth, she called artificial birth.

If a woman decides to terminate her pregnancy for a period exceeding 22 weeks, then at her request the relevant committee considers the matter and make its opinion, taking into account existing specific female medical and social.


abortion Only a doctor can decide on the method of abortion.

Abortion for pregnancies up to 5-6 weeks can be done using vacuum aspiration.This procedure is called mini-abortion.In this case the removal of the ovum takes place using a special syringe.A significant drawback of this method is the possibility of leaving the embryo in the uterus of the particles, which ultimately leads to the need for further scraping of the uterine cavity.

Often women at the doctor ask about what term to have an abortion can be done without instrumental intervention, ie,conduct medical abortion.For this type of abortion used drugs, stopping the further development of the fetus.They are usually prescribed with drugs that reduce the womb, which promotes abortion.Medical abortion is only possible up to 8 weeks of pregnancy.After it is necessary to make sure that the fetus was successfully removed from the uterus.

instrumental method of abortion for pregnancies up to 12 weeks is considered the safest.He is currently held under the control of hysteroscopy.The operation can be performed under local or general anesthesia.During the intervention the physician expands the cervical canal and using the tools retrieves the ovum with the remnants of the endometrium.

Abortion should be performed only in hospitals and only obstetrician-gynecologist.

happens that for one reason or another woman's abortion miss deadlines and try to get rid of an unwanted pregnancy, or folk remedies grandmother's methods.Do not do this.Of course, many pharmacies are now medicines, herbs, tinctures, capable of provoking a spontaneous miscarriage.But where is the guarantee a successful outcome?Even made medical abortion in pregnancy, defined position on abortion, most often harms the woman's body.And even more so on their own efforts to get rid of the fetus, and even after the maximum permissible periods of abortion can lead to unpredictable results.Up to the death.

why a woman who decided to get rid of an unwanted pregnancy, you should consult your doctor to choose the method of termination of pregnancy and be sure to meet the established deadlines abortion.

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