Bondage and caesarean section

usually in the normal course of pregnancy through the first 9 months of birth safely in a natural way there is a healthy baby.

But sometimes circumstances are such that by virtue of any reason a woman can not give birth to yourself, then it is necessary to extract the baby born surgically.

cesarean section done in the case where the mother or fetus during vaginal delivery in danger.If the operation is successful, then after 7-8 hours the woman can sit down and get up.After the transfer from the ICU she is allowed to go.Here the question arises of how to recover faster after a surgical birth.It helps in this band after cesarean section.It will tighten the muscles and support the stretching of the stomach during pregnancy, as well as prevent the divergence of seams, and in the long term and the formation of postoperative hernia.

When a planned cesarean section bandage is desirable to be purchased in advance and immediately take it with you to the maternity hospital.When an emergency cesarean section ba

ndage can buy relatives.

Cesarean: puerperal bandage

For the nine months of pregnancy a woman's body undergoes numerous changes.And when there are childbirth, the body in a short amount of time trying to recover.Naturally, the skin on the abdomen after pregnancy loses some elasticity and stretch.In addition, women often experience back pain.And those who have suffered operational delivery, experiencing additional discomfort due to postoperative suture.

bandage after cesarean section is used to relieve the condition of a woman who underwent the operation.But some women refuse to wear a bandage, becauseHe tugged strongly at the waist, and it turns out that after a major abdominal surgery it uncomfortable to wear.In addition, women wearing a bandage undesirable problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

What bandage field cesarean need

After cesarean section is usually recommended model bandage doctor, taking into account the anatomical features of the woman and the method of operation.But if the doctor did not give its advice, and you will have a caesarean section, the bandage can be selected in advance by their own discretion.

There are several types of bandages.Basically postoperative, universal bandages for pregnant, post-partum bandages and bandages-panties.

Universal bandages involve the use of both during pregnancy and after childbirth.In their device, they involve a change of wide and narrow part of the site, which makes it possible to use them after birth.

After cesarean section bandage can be worn normal post-operative, which is used when a wide variety of surgical procedures in the abdominal cavity.Postoperative bandage is a belt width of up to 30 cm with Velcro to adjust the volume.Usually belt made of soft fabric, so as not to irritate the area of ​​the surgical wound.These bandages protect against the appearance of postoperative hernia and help to correct the flow of the formation of scar.

after cesarean postpartum bandage acquire desirable in pharmacies or specialized stores, where sales of fakes excluded.To select the size of the bandage, it is necessary on the basis of their size before pregnancy.But it is advisable to get it 1-2 sizes too big to feel comfortable in it.

How to use a bandage

usually use after cesarean postpartum bandage for 4-6 weeks, ieduring the postpartum recovery period.Wear desirable morning lying bandage.Remember that the postoperative seam needs fresh air.Therefore, every three hours, remove the bandage for 15-20 minutes.At night, completely remove the bandage, the seam will scar.Wear a child without a brace after cesarean can not.

Take responsibility for your health during the postoperative period.Then you can avoid many problems and be healthy.

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