The principles of moral education of preschool children

Moral education of preschool children includes the acquisition of moral experience and assimilation of moral norms.In the process of moral education is formed by the love for the homeland and citizenship, respect for the world around them, respect and kindness to people, honesty.

tasks of moral education of preschool children

proper moral education of preschool children helps to avoid negative experiences and acquiring bad habits that hinder the formation of the child's personality.

main objectives of moral education of preschool children are the formation of moral feelings, positive skills, ethical behavior, attitudes and actions.

plays an important role in education of moral sentiments preschoolers.A child in the process of communicating with adults becomes affection, sympathy and love, learning to act according to conscience and morality, refrain from negative acts.If a child makes a mistake, he feels the excitement and disappointment, as not happy and loved ones not approved.

Goodwill and emotional responsiveness are the basis of education of moral sentiments in preschoolers.In the process of moral education to avoid negative emotions, dissatisfaction, remarks about the child.The main role should kindness, support and protection.

good example for your child are the parents and teachers, which should help to shape and manifest the positive qualities, comfort, cheer and delight.

In the process of moral education of preschool children a sense of self-worth, debt and equity, as well as responsibility for their actions.During the games, educational and developmental activities the child acquires patriotism, love of country and native land, respect for people of different faiths and nationalities.

If moral education of preschool children need to pay special attention to understanding behavior.Children should be aware of their behavior and to strive for the moral content of the action.The child should receive an explanation of the moral concepts and learn to act in different situations.Moral preschool education shall be directed to a correct a child's behavior in public life and the family.

important tasks of moral education of preschool children are the representation of the child based on the behavior, knowledge about patriotism and assistance in the formation of the right motives.

Features of education of moral sentiments in preschoolers

Moral preschool education helps the child to assess his actions correctly understand the feelings of others, and strive for justice, friendship, compassion and kindness.

Effective moral education of preschool children is seen as a continuous process of obtaining and learning of behavior patterns in society and the family.The child begins to perceive the morality and ethics, if aware of the need for self compliance, and rules should not be forced.

Moral education of preschool children is formed in the process of experiences and emotions, the development of cognitive, intellectual and creative abilities.Form perception of morality may be experiencing various verbal and non-verbal means of perception.

with the moral pre-school education is closely related to the emotional environment in which the child gains experience, form their attitude toward the world and selects the patterns of behavior.Parents and teachers in the education of preschool children should focus on moral judgments and evaluations, to ensure a healthy environment for child development.

During the discussion of moral issues formed a clear system of values.The child begins to understand the difference between negative and positive actions.

Effective moral education of preschool children can not be moral without discussing side activities and events.In order to clearly understand the child's morality, you can use the examples of works of art and real life.The basis of the examples should be based on empathy and sympathy for, the development of the capacity for empathy.

various means may be used if moral education, including art, nature, music, etc.The main groups of resources of moral education include:

  • artistic and creative means (painting, music, literature, cinema, etc.), which are aimed at emotional behavior of people and events;
  • natural remedies that cause humane feelings, the desire to help and care, and develop the moral scope and complexity of the child's personality;
  • labor and gaming tools, which are the basis for the practice of moral behavior;
  • social and family atmosphere, which should be filled with kindness, love, support and care.

When choosing a certain means of moral education of preschool children should take into account age and individual characteristics of the child, the level of intellectual development and creativity.

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