Development of perception in children - exercise techniques

perception - reception and processing of human information flow, which enters the brain through the senses.There are auditory, tactile and visual perception.Development of perception in children - is an ongoing process.It starts immediately after birth.Newborn longer able to learn new things, smells, sounds, tastes and textures.Grudnichok quickly learns to distinguish the voices.He shows discontent, if a mother gets milk replacer.Psychologists process of perception of the children are divided into three periods (early childhood, preschool and primary school age).All these steps are important to the formation of the individual.After the development of the perception of a person not only learns to use their feelings, but also to create logical chains from them.Each period has its own methods of perception.After each period coincides with the beginning of a new phase of personal growth of the child.

perception of methods in infants

early age is considered the age period from birth to three years.During

this period, especially rapidly developing senses.The child in every way possible should receive information about the world around him.In the first six months of great importance to have the innate reflexes.The parents in this period can help your child to use and develop them.

Adults must demonstrate a tactile and acquaint the child with new items.In the development of perception in children it is very important to use mobiles attached to the child's bed, educational mats.Such educational subjects not only to consolidate the vision, hearing and touch, but also will contribute to the development of these feelings.

next six months in the perception of the development of children improved substantive action and manipulation.With the objective actions kid exploring the functionality of things.For example, taking a spoon, the child at this time trying to simulate the movement of parents.Manipulation will help to reveal the baby all possible actions with a particular subject.Consolidating and developing the manipulation lasts until the end of this period.Pyramids, cubes, sorter, the mazes will help your child learn new shapes, colors and materials.

Technique perception development in preschool children

For the development of perception in preschool children, parents should replace the previously used Sorter logical labyrinths and pyramids and cubes - designers.If a child until that time did not collect puzzles, then they also need to be included in the gameplay.

The technique of perception is also useful to include various forms of dressing (to undress and dress the doll, pick up a set of wooden or paper model).For the development of spatial perception will be useful toys on the remote control.

simulation and modeling will teach the child to perceive the three-dimensional structure, and give them knowledge about the possibilities of change.Applications will help to establish a link between the parts and the whole.For a better perception of the children to practice, you can use unusual materials.Sculpt the figures can be like plasticine or dough, and paint with bulk materials (semolina, sand).In application, along with colored paper and cardboard may be used cotton, cereals, fiber.

In this age, parents should teach the child to perform tasks related to the work.For example, you can ask the child to put all the little toys in the box, and large - in the bag.

All methods of perception should be directed to the fact that the child has learned to be aware of not only the essence of manipulation, but also make the most of the phenomena and objects.

exercises on the development of perception

Exercises to develop the perception of a need for a continuous flow of information to the central nervous system of a preschooler.This information contributes to the correction of incorrect image emerging from an immature psyche of the child.For example, a baby learns to adequately understand the content of the picture, if an adult will be able to give him the appropriate explanation.Parents can offer a child to consider the details of the picture in the sequence.You can also choose a picture with a special composition, which will facilitate its perception.For the development of perception in children are ideal for increasingly complex series games and exercises.

To form the concepts of "left-right" is necessary to teach the child to distinguish between left and right hand.Then you can offer your child see a table where four subjects depicted (from left handle to the right stick, brush the top-down-paint).you can play with your child to reinforce your knowledge.To play it is necessary to prepare the cards with images of machines.The kid has to determine in which direction the car ride.If they go to the left, then he should postpone the red chip, and if the right - blue.At the end of the game preschooler sums up how the car went to the left, and how much to the right.To complicate the game, you can increase the number of rules, the number of participants, change the shape of children's organizations, the pace of the game.

For the next exercise for the development of perception in children should be on a sheet of heavy paper glued to point lines cut from colored paper.It is possible to use at least three and no more than five colors.Points adult should be arranged in seven rows (14 dots per line).In this exercise, the child must be considered a point in the direction that he will ask the leading games.In this case, the master must ensure that the above trend was maintained during the reading, to observe the order pronouncing all points.

can show children contour image of different objects or parts of them, and the child has to guess what kind of items.

For the development of perception in children can use cards with a variety of ornaments, and children should make a similar pattern of blocks.After the assignment adult should discuss whether the compiled pattern sample, and if it does not, then where have errors.

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