The moral education of teenagers - pedagogy methods

moral education of teenagers going on in the school and in the family.In addition, moral values ​​are very often teenagers instills a TV and street.But, unfortunately, is not always what the teenager learned in the street, right, and good for him.What should be the moral education of the younger generation?

Nowadays, movies and TV shows is very strong influence on the moral values ​​of adolescents.Most teens perceive behaviors promoted in the movies, as true and try to stick to them and in their lives.

Very often in the movies, even the goodies are asocial lifestyle, killing each other, "stepping on heads," in order to achieve their own goals, and only care about their material well-being.For this reason, some teenagers formed the view: to live well, you need to do just that.

Besides television, teenagers are very strongly influenced by computer games, for which they spend a lot of time.Teenagers resources available on the Internet, through which you can find computer games for every taste.And in mos

t cases, these games are a far from positive influence.

That's why parents should zealously engage in moral education of teenagers.They need to help young people to develop their own values.Even at a young age, parents should invest in a child's concept of love, friendship, help, reciprocity and gratitude, and help teens understand the difference between "right" and "wrong", "good" and "bad."

Many teenagers tend to be in its own test and evaluate prohibitions and advice of parents, especially if the parents forbid something or advise and act for yourself the opposite.So first of all moral education of teenagers - is an example of the parents.It is the parents own example must demonstrate to the child that in certain situations is correct.

With proper moral education of young people will make a lot less mistakes in life, for which they will have to pay dearly.Lack of moral education of children leads to unethical and immoral actions, sometimes even to crimes.

Moral education in pedagogy

Moral education in teaching is one of the leading concepts.Under this concept implies a process of formation at teenagers of valuable relations, moral sentiments, higher consciousness and behavior in accordance with the principles and ideals of humanistic morality.Problems of moral education of teenagers:

  • Formation of moral consciousness system of moral concepts, ideas, judgment, emotional and intellectual ties, valuable relationships and experiences;
  • formation position of the person and of moral sentiments;
  • Formation of moral behavior and its ability to assess, as well as the formation of moral norms and principles in the motives of individual behavior, turning them into personal qualities.

Of all the areas of education in the moral pedagogy, at most, is carried out spontaneously.More specifically, it is only in the process of self-education, self-improvement, through their own thoughts and actions of a teenager.What are the thoughts and actions of a teenager, such will be his moral qualities.For example, courage in times of danger, teenager creates a quality of courage.Thus, the moral actions are the foundation of moral self-teenager.

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