Features gender parenting

family - a place in which the child develops the first representation of the relationship between people, the place of each person in this world.On the model of the child's behavior and his subsequent life scenario seriously affected by existing family relationships.Gender education of children must foster their understanding of the role of women and men in the family and in society.Under the influence of teachers and parents in the child formed a certain pattern of behavior, which it will follow in the society.For gender parenting today can use the system-vector analysis.It will help you understand your child and see what happens when it is difficult to identify their gender.

Gender education of children of preschool age

The proper gender education of preschool children depends on the further successful development of personality.

Psychologists have conducted several studies and proved that women and men do not always correctly perceive their own sexual identity.Only the correct gender parenting co

ntributes to the formation of individual socio-cultural and psychological characteristics inherent in the floor.And in the future, these children often become an exemplary family man.They are able to interact constructively with the opposite sex, treat him with respect.

Gender education is best not to use the early age of four.At this age, the child is already correctly perceives its floor, he understands the basic differences between boys and girls.

Gender education of preschool children should be introduced gradually.It is best to conduct similar training in the form of a game.

When educating the boy's parents, trying to instill in him a man's quality, sometimes make mistakes.The child is too often imposed strict requirements.Adults teach a child to be a man, do not cry.This method of education can lead to negative consequences.The child tries to meet the required quality, at the same time becomes aggressive, irritable, sometimes behaving provocatively.Parents need to understand that the mind is much more vulnerable in boys than in girls.So, they too need a caress, parental love and approval.

Nor should too take care of the child.The boy who was raised in a hothouse environment, turns into a misfit for life and non-self man.The mother should not show his authority to his son.It must be for him gentle and fragile.And then the boy, like a real man, a desire to take care of her and protect her.

From an early age girl trying to look like in the mother.Problems of gender education of children can start at a time when girls begin to assert their independence in front of the other, and cease to conform to generally accepted stereotypes about female obedience and humility.At this time, the psyche of the child is most vulnerable.It appears the general depression, self-doubt, inner conflicts.

parents should remember that they are very vulnerable and touchy When communicating with the girls.Therefore, it is necessary to bring up a girl so that from the beginning it has developed trust and warm relationship with their parents.

When gender education of children, parents should set an example for the girls femininity, and for boys - a model of masculinity.

value polorolevogo education

children During polorolevogo education, children learn to distinguish patterns of behavior of women and men, and then disseminate the lessons learned to new situations in life, finally, carry out the relevant rules.

If the education of boys should be directed to the development of their desire to achieve, practical approach to the implementation of the plans, the girls are more receptive to his sexual identity through the prism of relations with others.

Fathers gender upbringing of children are engaged in different ways.There are fathers who do not spare forces and free time for your child, as aware of their role in his mental and physical development.Fathers teachers play the role of absolute monarch.However, in all cases, the father's education is necessary as a daughter and son.

polorolevogo education of children in the family shows that women and men, in spite of the different roles, need each other and need to care for and help each other.In the family, adults and children mutually influence each other.This system has its contradictions, but they can compensate and balance each other.At the stage of the formation of such contradictions encourage the child to the search behavior to their own activity.Sex-role behavior of children is formed in close interaction of psychological and biological factors, as well as the social environment in which the child grows.

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