Children from 1 year - means, methods , techniques

human personality, according to many psychologists, is formed in the first years of life.That is why it is so important in the upbringing of a child of 1 year, during active growth and rapid development, the baby was necessary for the future life experience, which will be the basis of his later life.

Therefore, mothers and fathers, especially the young, who have virtually no experience of raising children, you must learn to be a parent, getting the necessary knowledge about the psychological and physiological characteristics of the baby.

understanding as a basis for the child's education from 1

Most of the difficulties of raising a child, and the error of 1-5 years based on the fact that parents do not understand their child, considering it "reduced model" adult.Therefore, parents irritation often arises from the fact that the reasonable from their point of view, the arguments of the child pays attention.On the other hand, the desire to adjust both their lives and the life of the child for modern re

quirements and tempo, surrounding the baby various techniques early childhood education with the use of computer technology does not always bring the desired result.

Quite often due to the desire of young parents forget about their main task - to love the baby and understand their needs.The main difference between children from adults is a child at an early age only imitates logical thinking, imitating adults, and without stereotypes usually absorbed only in the moment and the situation, living "here and now".Therefore, the majority of children's emotions are subject to the situation - he can genuinely upset by the loss of a favorite toy, but very quickly distracted when his attention was draw something interesting.Children aged 1-5 years are usually fully live every moment of his life getting pleasure from it.

also for the understanding of your baby and the correct upbringing of the child of 1-2 years old parents need to realize that his mind is not directed to the future.Not having their own experience and the development of abstract thinking, the child is completely immersed in the moment with very specific objects, people and toys.

Features of raising a child 1-2 years

main source of development and education of the child is 1.5 years old and older is a game objective activity.For this purpose it is necessary to use different methods and benefits that will contribute to the rapid development of logical thinking and cognitive activity, and thus accelerate the social and emotional development.

for effective education of the child 1-5 years is necessary to follow a few rules:

  • As a child of this age rather quickly tired without movement, gaming activities recommended to be combined with physical activity;
  • should pay attention to the fact that the baby is not tired, ending the game before it becomes uninteresting to him;
  • Any gaming activity should be accompanied by active communication between adults and children that will contribute to the development of speech.

also need to know for successful child rearing in the 1-2 years that can communicate with the child need to talk to "understand" his language.To the kid will understand what was wanted of him, his parents, should follow some simple rules:

  • necessary to try to make their speech more imaginative.For a child it is not the main means of communication, the dominant thinking is evident-effective.Therefore, the more clearly and vividly will appeal to your child, the more quickly he will understand what was wanted of him;
  • game is the best way to consolidate the information in the development and education of the child of 1-5 years.With the game quite easily simulate various situations, such as the supply is fixed permanently in the memory of the baby;
  • similar games, the children are very well aware of the language of fairy tales.In the education of the young child, you can use a well-known fairy tales and invented their own.Characters in this case can be put in a situation that you want to explain to the child.Living certain points along with the characters stories, toddler permanently stores the created images, and the situation itself for it becomes clearer;
  • If possible, you need to back up their words with actions.This applies to simple concepts when the child is necessary to explain the basic rules of personal hygiene or safety;
  • easiest necessary information is stored when it is presented as if by chance, in the context of the situation.For example, discuss the danger posed by cars are best during a walk, and the need to wash their hands after a walk - immediately upon returning home.

also many psychologists when raising a child 1.5 years of age and older are advised to use as little as possible prohibitions and categorical "no" and instead bans better to talk about the implications and suggest other possibilities.This is due to the fact that children do not accept any restrictions, and virtually unresponsive to stimulation phrases and rhetorical questions, which generalizes the form describing their bad from the point of view of adult behavior.In addition, children of this age do not understand the irony and sarcasm, so in order to bring their child to the idea, better than them in his speech, not to use.

These simple rules will help to establish contact with the child and to better understand their needs and characteristics that will make the process of educating the baby from 1 year more enjoyable and effective.

Scene games as the basis for education of young children

addition to games with didactic material, you need to pay attention to the plot, and games.For playing everyday situations you can use the dolls and toy animals.For a start is better to use simple and understandable for a kid that age stories that gradually need to complicate the different situations and details.

Adults with rational thinking at first glance this game may seem boring and not bearing good for the development and education of the child 1.5 years of age and older.However, it is such games should be given a lot of time, because they enrich the experience of the baby and teach him to reside at first glance parents minor situation.You can start with the successive moments that occur in the life of the baby - feeding, walking, bathing, playing, lying down to sleep, which will contribute to the understanding of the relationship of these actions in his own life.

This casual game provides a lot of opportunities for the manifestation of imagination and fantasy, which is the basis for the development of intellectual abilities of the child.In addition, through the story of the game secured the submission of the child about the reality - of clothes, furniture and crockery.For a change, the game can enter pictures of birds and animals that will increase the cognitive interest.

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