Education of children of school age - Tips for Parents

views on the education of children are changing with the changes taking place in society.At the end of the 20th century in the former Soviet Union, the main role of the school-age child-rearing was assigned school.This was due not only to the existing ideology, but also with financial difficulties, which is why most families have parents almost did not have time to raise their children.

Today the situation has changed quite strongly, and many parents are aware that family education is a determining factor in the formation of the child as an individual.However, this should not be underestimated and the role of schools in this process, since most of their time school-age child spends in the range of teachers and peers.In addition to obtaining the necessary knowledge, the role of schools in the education of the child is to develop the ability to work together and fostering a sense of tolerance for another person, regardless of his beliefs, abilities and social status.

difficulties of raising a child of s
chool age

Many parents think that education process ends when the child goes to school, and all of their functions, they reserve exclusively checked diary.However, this often leads to many negative consequences, when a child adolescent withdraws into himself, or, on the contrary, starts to show aggression.

In this case, the role of teachers and psychologists in the education of school-age child is greatly increased, since it is known a lot of cases where uncontrolled aggression turns into extreme shapes and can even lead to loss of life.Therefore, it is quite often the teachers pay attention to the shortcomings of parents in the upbringing of children.

also about changes in the education of school-age child is making today the internet and modern technologies.On the one hand, the Internet can find the necessary knowledge and plenty of opportunities for self-education.However, in most cases, children prefer to spend time on social networks, replacing a living human communication virtual acquaintances and entertainment.

addition to mental disorders, which are caused by Internet addiction, and there is plenty of health problems associated with low physical activity.In this regard, the efforts of parents and teachers need to be combined to promote a healthy lifestyle.Children need to offer an interesting alternative in the form of various circles and sports sections.For its part, the school also needs to strengthen its role, showing the advantages of friendly behavior and a healthy lifestyle.

role of the school in the child's upbringing

School - is not just an institution in which children are given a narrow range of necessary knowledge and a kind of social institution, where children learn to interact with peers and adults, preparing therebyto adulthood.

Depending on the age of the child role of the teacher is changing.parents usually relate to the choice of just the first teacher with special attention.In elementary school, it is of great importance not only how well the teacher presents the material, but also how easy it will be held the baby adapt to the school process and team.

is very important, especially in this period that the child-rearing practices of primary school age, taken in the family and pre-school educational institution, the school did not contradict the approach.This time, the biggest excitement and attention from the parents to the learning process.

In high school, as a rule, the choice of teachers affect virtually impossible.Therefore, parents can only hope that the teaching staff is able to fully engage in the education of school-age children.

School, as part of society, reflects and concentrates in itself all the positive and negative experiences in it.Therefore, many parents often claim to the quality of teaching and school relationships between teachers and pupils though are reasonable, but can not be fully taken into account.

When educating a child of primary school age the problem of the relationship between peers are extremely rare, in adolescence they can be quite strongly manifested.

One of the important issues that arise in the normal public schools - at the same time teaching children from different social groups.Typically, problems arise between children with communication skills and adequate standards of behavior, and children from disadvantaged families, who have to learn from all of this is in school.

The concept of dysfunctional family invested a lot of components.This single-parent families, families in which one parent is an alcoholic, as well as families in which existing relations are far from harmonious.Escalation of the conflict often contributes to the well-groomed appearance of the children of these families.

So often in the education of school-age child needs help of a psychologist.He is equally necessary as children from disadvantaged families and children who have a negative attitude to those who are below their social status or level of intelligence.

Quite often, the role of school education of the child is not limited, and there is a need to work with parents who either can not cope alone with the upbringing of their children, or simply do not give them the necessary attention, shifting the responsibility on school teachers.

is therefore very important role is the teacher, who can create a comfortable relationship in the classroom that will serve not only well trained but also the mental health of children.

necessary that in the bustle of everyday school teacher, regardless of social status and academic performance, could see the depth the potential of each process is quite lengthy and requires from the teachers and from the parents of patience and dedication.But without these efforts, as a rule, the child will grow unadapted to modern life, which, in addition to knowledge, makes demands for tolerance and the ability to communicate.

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